Scenic South is thrilled to welcome Janis Theron as a regular contributor to our Blog section. 

We asked Janis to tell us a bit about herself…….

“I am a 40-something vegetarian mother of two boys, Jordan and Jean. This has made me who I am – I love being a mother! I am married to Leon-Jacques, who is an ecologist for BioCarbon Partners. I am also a writer! I qualified in 1989 at Rhodes University with my BA in Journalism and English and have tried my level best to steer my writing into the conservation / environmental world. This is now particularly important as the global environmental crisis heats up and we suffer the Sixth Great Extinction.

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I am also an environmental educator! I gained my Masters in Education (Environmental) from Rhodes University in 2003. This has taught me how to teach about the environment to children, youths and adults from all walks of life. I love this work!

I presently work as a copywriter in the travel industry and would love to one day become fully immersed in environmental education and pertinent, local environmental writing.”

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