Bring your kayak or anything that floats to Princess Vlei on Saturday 22 March  from 2-5 pm and join in the fun of the Princess Vlei Day Of Action and Celebration.

The Princess Vlei Forum has done a remarkable job in bringing this vlei to public attention. It would be great if you would give them support on the day and find out more about what could become of this vlei.

The Peninsula Paddle passes through the Princess Vlei each year and a lot  has been said about how this vlei is a strategic node in the waterways. What will become of it depends very much on citizens’ voice and involvement.

The Peninsula Paddle 2014 is taking place Sunday 8 June. Please make a plan to join us. While we are in the very early stages of planning, the following highlights are being put in place:

·        Braam Malherbe, extreme adventurer and conservation, is keen to join us as our special guest on the paddle

·        We have already received a generous sponsorship from ABAX Foundation to support the costs of the event

·        The Water Research Commission executive are keen to join the paddle and learn about how to role this concept out to other parts of the country.

·        The Kader Asmal Project continues to clean the City’s rivers, and will pay particular attention to the Peninsula Paddle route over the next few months.

·        This is all good news, and why we need to continue with fun and adventure of the Peninsula Paddle.

Kevin Winter