Dear NeighboursHOUSES IN DE VILLIERS WAY, GLENCAIRN IN FIRE OF 2000  (Photo - Cape Argus)

Our homes are already at great risk from a runaway wildfire as we reach the peak of the summer fire season, with overgrown dry bush all around us and strong Southeaster winds blowing almost every day.


The following email was sent today to members of the City Council – it would really help if as many residents as possible would endorse our concerns and wherever possible add your own thoughts on the issues raised. Send your emails to Simon Liel-Cock our local councilor and copy them to Louise Stafford (CoCT Invasive Species Coordinator) and also Gerard Langenhoven – the South Peninsula Fire Safety officer (Fire Brigade).


Please urgently report any overgrown plots near your homes  to John Mathys (CoCT Health and Safety) We must all do our bit to raise their awareness of our concerns.


The respective email addresses are:-


Best Wishes

Steve Coe

(Coordinator Glen Road Neighbourhood Watch)
Subject: Fire Risk from Overgrown verges and plots in Glencairn – fire break maintenance needed


Dear Gerard / John/ Louise/ Simon/ Desiree,


I have been approached by several residents to draw the following dangerous situations to your attention, as the fire risk in Glencairn valley is now at a very high level, due to overgrown undeveloped properties adjacent to the residential area : –


  1. ERF 1:   The primary risk to our homes (far outweighing all others) is the heavily overgrown property, Erf No 1, which is massively infested with dense alien shrubs (Hakea, Port Jackson, Rooikrans and Australian Myrtle). Erf 1 is adjacent to the occupied residential properties above De Villiers Way, and covers some 200 hectares, stretching over almost the entire southern ridge of the valley. It has not burnt since the year 2000 and the bush is up to five metres tall and very, very dry. We have been constantly reporting this serious fire threat to CoCT for years (see attached email) and residents have held several meetings with councillors, fire officers and other council officials to try to get action on this – a lot of promises have been made, but so far not a thing has been done to reduce this massive threat – despite specific assurances that meaningful action was imminent.  (See copy of email from Louise Stafford below). The situation cannot be allowed to drag on indefinitely, Council has a duty and statutory responsibility to sort out this problem without further delay – homes and lives are at risk!



View upwards towards ERF No 1 Glencairn – The property is heavily infested with Aliens

 Alien vegetation in Glencairn causing  fire hazard


  1. FIRE BREAK:   The council needs to do some meaningful maintenance along the fire break above De Villiers Way that runs between Erf 1 and the residential properties as encroaching shrubs and long grass have decreased its effectiveness. It needs your urgent attention.

Alien vegetation in Glencairn causing  fire hazard

Fire Break above De Villiers Way, Glencairn – Encroaching Aliens and Long Grass


  1. ROAD VERGES:     Urgent action is needed to have the overgrown verges along De Villiers way cleared again. Nearly a year ago we wrote to the council about this and other issues but the situation is still not satisfactory.


Alien vegetation in Glencairn causing  fire hazard

De Villiers Way, Glencairn – Overgrown Road Verges


  1. OVERGROWN UNDEVELOPED PROPERTIES:    Amongst others, the following undeveloped properties are heavily overgrown with bush and pose a fire threat to their neighbours  – De Villiers Way Numbers 38, 40, 46 and 48 (See photos below) : –

No 38

Alien vegetation in Glencairn causing  fire hazard

No 38 De Villiers Way – Bush running right up to neighbour’s property

No 40

Alien vegetation in Glencairn causing  fire hazard

No 40 De Villiers Way – Heavily infested with Aliens

Nos 46 & 48

Alien vegetation in Glencairn causing  fire hazard

Numbers 46 and 48 De Villiers Way – Heavily infested with Aliens