Singing green slogans and waving banners an enthusiastic group of students from Paul Greyling Primary walked from their school in Fish Hoek to Kalk Bay.  With their South African flags and banners worded `Ons Kan n Verskil Maak’  (We can make a difference) and `Dit hang van ONS af’ (It is up to us), they brightened up a cool rainy morning and drew the attention of passing motorists.  The Paul Greyling students under guidance of Ms Estelle Barnard participated in the coastal clean-up by collecting all the litter in Kalk Bay Harbour.  Determined to do it right for the environment, they roped in a kayaker who removed floating litter from between the boats.  The Green Coastal Clean-up was planned to celebrate World Ocean Day and to present a clean coastline for the World Cup.  On hand to give support and to record the event were  Keanan Holland, Janis Munnich, Tasneem Bremmer and Chad Hamilton (From Left to Right) of the Muizenberg High School AfriOcean Warriors.  This is the second major coastal walk organized by the AfriOcean Warriors along this part of False Bay to raise awareness about the threats facing our Oceans. 


Operation Green Coastal Clean-up to score Green Goals for City of Cape Town .

150 learners from nine schools along the False Bay coast will take part in a coastal clean-up on the 9th June.  The students will pick up litter starting from Muizenberg and Sunny Cove simultaneously, ending on Clovelly Beach where they will form a huge logo. The cleanup starts with a BIG bang at Muizenberg Beach with a send off from the AfriOceans Rainbow Vuvuzela Ensemble from Muizenberg High.  Ald. Clive Justus, together with a representative from the British Council (accompanied by BBC News reporters) will officially start four teams of students from Muizenberg, while further teams will start their cleanup journey from Sunny Cove. “It is gratifying to witness projects that involve communities taking care of the environment bearing testimony to the fact that being responsible requires everybody working together” said Ald. Felicity Purchase.

The event is being coordinated by the City of Cape Town 2010 Green Goal and the Tourism Departments.  The `AfriOceans Warriors’ of Muizenberg High and the AfriOceans Conservation Alliance (AOCA) will play a strategic role on the day ensuring that the clean-up is fun and well done on the day. The AfriOceans Warriors is a new tribe who take action for their environment. They are energetically supported by Leonie Jacobsen the Deputy of M/Berg High and Lesley Rochat and Terry Corr of AOCA.  

Theuns Vivian (City Tourism Department), Lorraine Gerrans (2010 Green Goal) and  Noel Johannessen from NJ Consulting who are the organizing force behind the Operation Green campaign, are excited about the interest and support already shown by so many to do something good for their local environment and to support responsible tourism.  (The City of Cape Town’s Operation Green Events is part of the Green Goal 2010 Programme, the City’s greening and cleaning programme for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.