Noel Ashton – A Year in Nature Exhibition

In June 2011 wildlife artist Noel Ashton began a unique journey of reconnecting with nature, creating a new artwork each week for the period of a year. He has shared his experiences of his many encounters in nature through artworks and narratives, including for example coming face-to-face with otters, following elusive klipspringers, sitting quietly and watching herons fishing at the edge of a stream, or waiting for a porcupine to appear at dusk.

This exhibition showcases his reconnecting with nature year and offers a unique perspective of the extraordinary natural world around us by inviting us to pause and share his journey through paintings and prose.

The exhibition is being held at The Cape Gallery, Church Street, Cape Town from 07 – 27 October 2012.

The exhibition launch is at The Cape Gallery on Sunday 7th October at 16h30.

Contact The Cape Gallery on +27 21 423 5309 or visit