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Newsletter for August 2014

(written in a personal style by the Chairperson – with editing by the Treasurer!)



Date: THURSDAY 28 AUGUST 2014. Time: 19h30


  1. 1. WELCOME, Introductions and Apologies.

TOPIC: Transportation in the Far South Peninsula

              – present issues and future development                             


3.   MINUTES of the Quarterly General Meeting held on 22 May 2014 & matters arising

  1. COUNCILLORS’ Reports

5.   TREASURER’s Report

6.   CHAIRPERSON’s Report



Our Guest Speaker at our forthcoming quarterly meeting :

Our speaker is Sean Glass, Head of Transport Network Development, Transport Network Operations Branch, City of Cape Town.


Sean will talk on transportation in the Far South Peninsula – present issues and future development.


As you might guess transport, especially road transport, remains a contentious topic. I got stuck in the traffic jam along Boyes Drive that resulted from an accident on Ou Kaapse Weg on Friday 25th July. The whole length of Boyes Drive was backed up with traffic and during my long crawl to Fish Hoek I couldn’t help wonder why it takes so long to clear Ou Kaapse Weg after traffic accidents.  Also why there cannot be an electronic message on the M3 to say “Ou Kaapse Weg temporarily closed. Use Main Road.” This would save a lot of angst whilst people start up Ou Kaapse Weg, then turn round and then queue to get to Boyes Drive.  I have asked for electronic messages at both ends of Ou Kaapse Weg, but it seems the officials don’t think it is possible, something to do with technology. I remain unconvinced and will strive to alleviate our all too regular traffic jams.


Report back by our Ward Councillors

Our Councillors Felicity Purchase, Dave D’Alton and Simon Liell-Cock will take the opportunity at our meeting to make their quarterly report back to their constituents. They are particularly keen that everyone, not just FHVRRA members, attend the meeting, so please convey this message to all your friends and neighbours.  The posters will also identify this.


Genoa Avenue

Many of the residents in Genoa Avenue have contacted me over their concerns that Genoa Avenue is becoming a race track by people using it as a short cut to get to the Clovelly end of the Main Road.  I know that things have moved slowly but I have discussed this matter at length with all the Councillors and several officials. Now I have some good news. Councillor Dave D’Alton has emailed me to say that he has arranged the following:

1        “We cannot make a pavement on the left-hand side coming from Recreation Road. However, on the right on the crest of the hill the owner has been served a notice to cut back his trees which will open up the pavement to allow access and the idea is to do a short area of tar along this section .

2        I have also allocated some of my ward money to do at least 1 more speed hump and am trying for 2 which should make a difference.

3        The open plot just on the crest of the hill which I have had complaints about for being used as a toilet will be rectified and we are planning to fence it off at both ends (Genoa and Recreation Roads) to prevent this and stop people using it as a shortcut.”

We thank Dave and, to all those who thought that the FHVRRA didn’t listen, please understand that dealing with Council just takes time!


Proposed Electricity Depot

I have also had concerns that the proposed electricity depot behind the sports fields will create a lot of extra traffic through Silverglades and indeed down Genoa Avenue. FHVRRA has written to the consultants to explain that this would be undesirable as the electricity trucks can easily go along the dirt road and enter Kommetjie Road at the Sun Valley Traffic lights.


Traffic Enforcement

Please be warned that traffic enforcement has been stepped up in the South, especially along Ou Kaapse Weg, Noordhoek Drive, Kommetjie Road and Corsair Road (Sun Valley). There have been numerous complaints about traffic infringements and traffic cops are monitoring the use of seat belts and cell phones, stopping at stop streets and crossing white lines and all the other laws we have got rather a little casual about.


Liquor Licence

Once again there is an application to open an off-sales bottle store in Fish Hoek. The application has been made by Raymond Rundle with regard to premises at shops 5-8 Triangle Court, 1st Avenue, Fish Hoek. Should you wish to object you need to make written representations to the Designated Liquor Officer or Authority by 29th August. The original must be sent to the Authority and the Designated Liquor outlet must be furnished a copy.  W/O Middleton at F/H Police station is the Designated Liquor Officer. Petitions count as 1 objection so individual letters please. I would like to remind everyone that once one licence is approved then all the supermarkets will apply. Pick’nPay, Shoprite and Spar and at least one liquor chain has expressed interest once approval is granted. Landlords with empty shops will be only too happy to lease to a bottle store as they are generally good payers. Therefore within a very short time we could have at least 5 liquor off-sales outlets in Fish Hoek.


Fish Hoek has always been a dry town and I see no reason why it should not remain so. Liquor is freely available in Glencairn, Sun Valley and Kalk Bay, with delivery services. I know many people say it is desirable to pick up a bottle of wine to have with their meal but unfortunately bottle stores do also attract some undesirable elements. We surely have enough problems in town without adding to them. Our restaurants all sell liquor with their meals although one prominent restaurant seems to sell rather more liquor than food with the result that their patrons are regularly seen along the Main Road somewhat drunk and disorderly wandering home late at night. That some of them drive is even more frightening!


Leopard Toads

Toad breeding season has started. I am sure you will have seen the orange barricades along Noordhoek Drive. These are erected by dedicated Toad Nuts (people dedicated to saving toad lives) who know that during the mating season the toads will make their way to the nearest vlei and in Noordhoek this involves crossing a busy road. In order to prevent the carnage caused by traffic that generally don’t see the toads in the dark until too late, the Toad Nuts go out at night and carry the toads, caught behind the barricades, across the road.


Kommetjie Ratepayers have issued the following advice. “As Western Leopard Toads are an endangered species and protected, every effort should be made by motorists to avoid running them over on rainy nights. Camouflage is their first line of defense and they can be hard to spot on the road. If you see a toad, assist it across the road. Look out for your own safety whilst doing this. Toads are NOT POISONOUS to Humans. Feel free to hold them firmly and take them over the road in the direction towards which they were facing. Remember that not all toads are going to water and some may be returning home as most of the year they do not live in a pond”.


Sun Valley Mall (Shopping Centre)

At present there is no good news. The provisional plans “for discussion” received from Shoprite-Checkers, which we have seen, have been described as “the same as the old mall but on steroids” – lots of bland walls. The Far South Peninsula Community Forum, which held a special meeting to review these plans, has written to the City’s Building Development Management expressing concern that the City’s urban design principles are not being respected for a very visible development on a scenic route in an environmentally sensitive area.  The FSPCF are hoping that the developers will take their concerns into account and design a building that is both attractive and functional.


Draft Telecommunication Infrastructure Policy

The City has published its Draft Telecommunication Infrastructure Policy for comment. Go on to the City website or ask at the library. The period for comment is 1 to 31 August 2014.


Street People Workshop

Cllr Simon Liell-Cock organised a workshop early August on street people where local organisations could discuss the problem with City officials. This workshop was attended by three representatives from the FHVRRA.  Street people have become quite a problem which seems to be growing.  Should you have comments you would like to make, you may email these to or for passing on.



Cllr Purchase reports that environmental management is doing excellent work. Alien clearing has taken place at Roodeberg allowing the public to walk from Glencairn freeway along the mountain to Kommetjie or go the other way and walk to the dams above Simon’s Town. Roodeberg is the area above the former Solole game reserve and SAN parks are still trying to raise money to buy the final portion of the farm.


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