Lady Cilla Bromley of GEESE brings you up to date with what is happening in the Glencairn wetland:  “There is lots of water and the croaking of frogs is deafening!   The Egyptian Geese are fighting for territory.   We had eight porcupine on our lawn the other night.   And the Mongeese are getting braver by the day!….”

…We would like to bring you up to speed about four projects that we have been working on:

    1. 1.         The Paver Path under the Main Road

The Paver Path goes through the Els River “Fish Hoek” Tunnel under the Main Road.   This is being done, with wonderful help from Gordons’ employees, to enable people to walk to the beach without having to battle their way through the traffic.   So far it consists of some 80 donated pavers that we have been most generously given, each paver being 60cm square and very heavy.   We have also been given funds (R50s per paver) to purchase more pavers and we propose to source pavers at cost and put a further layer on top (40 pavers) of the existing path as this will not only solidify it but also raise it – it is currently flooded which is not surprising considering how much rain we have had.    So any contributions towards more pavers would be most welcome.   We have been asked to put the GEESE banking details at the bottom should you wish to do it direct – but please do tell us so we can record our benefactors!


2.Drainage through the Van Eck Bridge approach berm

This is now regularly flooding making the path impassable.   This is largely due to the increased water in the Els following the removal of alien vegetation.   Various amateur attempts have been made while we wait for the City to assist us.   Today the Department of Water Affairs sent two people to assess the situation and we are hoping to receive three or four large storm water pipes which we will sink into the berm and ease the water build-up which has become very necessary as it results in the Gordon’s buildings and playing fields being flooded which means bookings have to be cancelled which they can ill afford.


  1. 3.   Widening the paths for improved security

As some of you will know, an employee going home across the top of the wetland was stabbed and robbed.   So we have been cutting back and increasing visibility, especially on the top path across the wetland.   We have also pruned two large bushes turning them into trees and removing the ‘sleeping quarters’ of various vagrants.   Other paths will be trimmed back and hopefully the city will shortly be cutting the grass.


  1. 4.   Storm Water Catchment Nets

Under the supervision of Brad Wallace Bradley, these three nets below the Expressway opposite the garage have been developed and modified and are working very effectively.   An enormous amount of litter has been caught before going into the wetland and the City is ‘watching’ our experiment!



The Toadnuts are planning a fund raiser for the 26th June with Donovan Copley at Monkey Valley and want to send out invitations.   They are redoing their mailing list and so if you want to be kept informed, please send your email address to Alison Faraday [] as soon as possible.


DIARY DATES – please note…

Friday 18th July Nelson Mandela Day – plans for this to follow later

Wednesday 3rd September GEESE will be hosting the Western Cape Wetlands Forum.   Those interested are welcome to attend, especially other FRIENDS’ GROUPS.   It is a wonderful opportunity to get answers and learn more!



Thank you so much for your continued interest and support


GEESE = Glencairn Education & Environment Support Enthusiasts

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