Here is a picture of our new Silvermine River Monitor – Albert.  He is employed by the City of Cape Town to help maintain the Wetlands.  We thought a photo of him would enable people to recognise him when they walk around on a Friday.

Albert, River Monitor at Silvermine Wetlands. Photo submitted by Terry Rothwell

Now that the water levels of the Silvermine River are starting to drop, Albert will be able to go into the reeds etc more easily and work there, removing alien vegetation and collecting rubbish.  The Council will be moving in to replace the Boardwalk wood which is in a state of disrepair, and several planks are missing.  We are also waiting for Council to move a bench nearer the 2nd gabion and do some minor repairs.


Most of the trees have had an area around them cleared, and they seem to be doing well as a result.


We wish everyone a Wonderful Festive Season and a safe and prosperous New Year.


Terry Rothwell

Chairman Riverine Rovers

084 711 5416