Notice is hereby given of the Simon’s Town Civic  Association AGM which will be held in the Simon’s Town town Hall at 1930 on Wednesday 20 February 2013. One of the main discussions will focus on how property owners can assess the accuracy of the new property valuations that we will be receiving shortly.

You are encouraged to make every effort to attend, and please bring neighbours.


 Simon’s Town Town Hall

20 February 2013 at 19h30



1.          Welcome and Apologies


2.          Approval of Previous Minutes


3.          Chairman’s Report


4.      Ward Councillor’s Report


5.      “A Plot to Plunder?  Your 2012 Property Valuation” – presentation by Vice Chair Dr Lesley Shackleton


6.      Discussion


7.      Treasurer’s Report and appointment of Honorary Accounting Officer for 2013


8.      Election of Committee Members


9.      Any other matters


10.       Closure



Tea/coffee will be served after the meeting.

Donations in aid of the Girl Guides Association.