One by one the gremlins in the system are slinking out, tails between their legs! ( It’s that website magic!) We have had a series of comments coming through without an email address appearing, which meant that we have not been able to acknowledge them. If you sent us a comment in the first three weeks of November, please would you send us your email address so that we can keep in touch with you!

The Scenic South – What’s in a name?

Abbreviated by Cape Point, energized by the storms of the `Fairest Cape in all the World”, the Scenic South at the south western extremity of the African continent is `scenic ‘ in every sense of the word.  The Far South Peninsula, or Scenic South as we prefer to call it, is our stage.  Breathtaking mountain backdrops stage lit by the sun as it rises from beyond False Bay to sink into the Atlantic set the scene, but do not steal the show.  The cast, a charismatic ensemble of characters, not all of whom are human, have challenged and enriched the community for centuries.

Using the connecting and information sharing technology of the internet, the Scenic South website is a play within a play.  With the active involvement of the community, we wish to connect all Our People, give a voice to Our Passions, and celebrate Our Pastimes to encourage a united, informed and active Scenic South.

Step up to centre stage, there are no auditions for this play – positive active involvement secures you a role as co-script writer.  Contact Viv or Kim on or to list your organization, your business or place your community event on the notice-board.  Write us an article, send us a photo, or simply `Have your say’ and share your brick-bats and back-pats with us. Please keep your files small- no more than 2 pictures – a maximum of 600pixels width each/ or less than 200kbs.

Website magicians

At the burnt out ends of hectic days

Computer screen now just a haze

Hubbies in bed- long asleep

Worn out by their wives that weep

When yet again

The screen went “whooof”….

‘The Sporting Scene’ has taken hoof

The events page now a non-event.

That proof of advert…was it sent?

The Submit button far too close to Delete

Aaarrgh… another disappearing feat!

And so it goes and so we find

Hair getting greyer and the forehead more lined.


At last we are done

And with a wave of our wand

‘Scenic South’ can now be found

On Google and Gumtree ensovoorts….


Turn on the computer- all agog

Who has said something on our blog?


No website …

A single page instead

Our domain indeed is registered.

Back to the testpage to find another comma out of place

Another paragraph with too much space.

Enough! Enough!

Leave it now

Get on and do some other stuff!


Then, finally, we are online
Believing all is just quite fine
But whoooosshhh…. the images have gone!

AWOLed into cyberspace

entertaining an alien race
Oh my golly, Oh  my soul!
Sucked down into another black hole….

But here we are

And here to stay

We lived to see another day

To learn more tricks

And conjure up a magic potion…


A special lotion to repair

Weeks and weeks of wear and tear

Baggy eyes and sallow skin

We don’t even know what week we’re in!

And for this condition there is no special button

No Quick edit or Permanent Delete

The only option that we have is to Submit

I guess we have to live with it!