Additions to Fish Hoek Library stock August 2015


Lauren Beukes                    Broken monsters    Broken Monsters

Jonathan Morgan                White paper, white ink

Eleanor Morse                      White dog fell from the sky

Andy McNab                         Silencer

M. K. Hume                           Web of deceit

R. J. Ellroy                             The devil and the river

Lindsey Davis                       Master and god

Anne Holt                              Blessed are those who thirst

Holt is Norway’s former Minister of Justice and her legal experience is what makes her  books so interesting to read. This is a moving, short read that I’m sure will please Holt’s existing fans.

Danielle Steel                       Until the end of timeWhite paper White Ink

Diane Chamberlain             Good father

Ben Aaronovitch                  Moon over Soho and Whispers under ground

Gabrielle Zevin                     The collected works of A J Fikry

Sarah Lotz                             The three

Scott Turow                           Identical

J. D. Robb                             Taken in death

Jeffrey Archer                       Be careful what you wish for

Louise Penny                       How the light gets inThe Three

Felix Francis                         Refusal

Andy McNab                         Silencer


Catherine Fisher                  The box of red brocade (sequel to The obsidian mirror)(JT)

James Dashner                    The maze runner (T)

The first book in a young-adult post-apocalyptic science fiction trilogy and is being made into a 2014 major motion picture

Kevin Brown                         The bunker diary (T)


Zelda la Grange                   Good morning Mr Mandela

Frederick Taylor                   Exorcising Hitler

Alan Knott-Craig                  Mobinomics: Mxit and Africa’s mobile revolution

Mobinomics is mostly about the development of Mxit, with few references to other elements of the mobile economy. That still makes it a story worth telling, as Mxit is such a large and important means of communication for a huge number of people.

Matilda Burden                     Ou-Kaapse meubels: studies in style

Nancy L. Mace                     The 36-hour day: a family guide to caring for people who have Alzheimer’s…

Tim Butcher                          The triggerThe Trigger

Butcher is best known for his remarkable political travelogue Blood River, about the Congo. In this book he casts light on Gavrilo Princip, a Serbian student, who stepped into history on June 28 1914 when he assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the act that triggered the First World War.

Whitaker’s 2014

Stephen Francis & Rico     Keep calm and take another tea break (Madam and Eve)

Keep calm and take another tea break