The following titles have been added to the shelves at Fish Hoek Library:


Wilbur  Smith                                    Vicious circle wilbur-smith-untitled-13-978023075762201

Faye Kellerman                                Predator

Iain Banks                                           Stonemouth

Joyce Carol Oates                            Daddy Love

Roger Hobbs                                      Ghostman

Michéle Rowe                                   What hidden lies

Janet Evanovich                             The Heist and Notorious Nineteen

Johan Theorin                                 The Asylum

Melvyn Bragg                                  Grace and Mary

Jo Nesbo                                           The Bat

J M Coetzee                                    The Childhood of Jesus… it isn’t really about Jesus, except at some hard-to-pin-down allegorical level. The plot is simple enough. A middle-aged man and a five-year-old boy, Simón and Davíd, arrive by boat in a new country, having escaped from their homeland for reasons that aren’t made clear.150px-ChildhoodofJesusCoetzee2013HC

Jane Green                                       The Patchwork Marriage

James Lee Burke                            Light of the world

Angela Makholwa                         The Black Widow Society. In 1994 when South Africans were finally seeing the light of freedom and independence, three well-respected businesswomen – Talullah Ntuli, Edna Whithead and Nkosazana Dlamini – formed the Black Widow Society, a secret organisation aimed at liberating women trapped in emotionally and physically abusive relationships by assisting in ‘eliminating’ their errant husbands…




Quinton Jardine                         As Easy as Murder


Lesley Pearse                             Remember me

Tilly Bagshawe                           Friends and Rivals

Ransom Riggs                            Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children. A haunting and out-of-the-ordinary read, debut author Ransom Riggs . As a kid, Jacob formed a special bond with his grandfather over his bizarre tales and photos of levitating girls and invisible boys. Now at 16, he is reeling from the old man’s unexpected death. Then Jacob is given a mysterious letter that propels him on a journey to the remote Welsh island where his grandfather grew up. There, he finds the children from the photographs–alive and well–despite the islanders’ assertion that all were killed decades ago.

Peculiar children

Stephen King                       Joyland

Leif Persson                         Another time, another place

Jojo Moyes                           The girl you left behind

Andy McNab                        Battlefield 3: The Russian

Helen Humphries                The reinvention of love tells the story of renowned literary critic Charles Saint-Beuve’s affair with Adèle Hugo, wife of the celebrated author Victor.

Colin Cotterill                          Grandad there’s a head on the beach. In rural Thailand, former crime reporter Jimm Juree must grapple with her quirky family, a mysterious mother and daughter on the lam and the small matter of a head on the beach.


Carolyn, Jess-Cooke           The boy who could see demons. I first met my demon the morning that Mum said Dad had gone. Alex Broccoli is ten years old, likes onions on toast, and can balance on the back legs of his chair for fourteen minutes. His best friend is a 9000-year-old demon called Ruen

Peter Robinson                    Watching the dark

Peter Robinson                    Children of the revolution

Dee Henderson                     Full disclosure

Bernard Cornwell                  1356

Gerald Seymour                   The Corporal’s Wife


Non Fiction

Ben Goldacre                        Bad Pharma. This is the pharmaceutical industry as it has never been seen before. With Goldacre’s characteristic flair and a forensic attention to detail, Bad Pharma reveals a shockingly broken system and calls for something to be done.

Oliver Stone                           The untold history of the United States

Arnold Schwarzenegger    Total recall

Jacques Pauw                        Rat roads. Jacques Pauw is the South African investigative journalist who is an executive producer of the Special Assignment current affairs programme on SABC.

Rat roads

Lauren Beukes                       Maverick. Raconteurs and renegades, writers, poets, provocateurs and pop stars, artists and activists and a cross-dressing doctor. Spanning over 350 years of history, Maverick explores the compelling lives of some of South Africa’s most famous – and notorious – women, including Brenda Fassie, Daisy de Melker, Sara Bartmann, Ingrid Jonker, Helen Joseph, Nongqawuse and Bessie Head.


Zapiro                                     Vuvuzelanation

Lucy Corne                           African Brew. From beer’s porridge-like beginnings through to the cutting edge craft beers being poured across the country today, African Brew tells the story of South African beer.

African brew

Peter Piegl                            Glen Agliotti

Denise Brahimi                    Nadime Gordimer, weaving together fiction, women and politics

The Surf Girl Handbook

Sara Wheeler                       Terrain incognito: travels in Antarctica. Sara Wheeler spent seven months in Antarctica, living with its scientists and dreamers. The book is about the call of the wild and the response of the spirit to a country that exists perhaps most vividly in the mind.


Jane-Anne Hobbs               Scrumptious: food for family and friends

Vera Lynn                             Some sunny day

Cameron Blake                    From soldier to civvy

Riva Levin                             Bursary register for the 2014 academic year

Rebecca Skloot                    The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks. In 1951, an African-American woman named Henrietta Lacks was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer. Her doctor snipped cells from her cervix without telling her and discovered that Lacks’ cells could not only be kept alive, but would also grow indefinitely.


For the past 60 years Lacks’ cells have been cultured and used in experiments ranging from determining the long-term effects of radiation to testing the live polio vaccine. Her cells were commercialized and have generated millions of dollars in profit for the medical researchers who patented her tissue.

Robert Macfarlane               The old ways. Following the tracks, holloways, drove-roads and sea paths that form part of a ancient network of routes criss-crossing the British Isles and beyond, the author discovers a lost world – a landscape of the feet and the mind, of pilgrimage and ritual, of stories and ghosts.

Old ways

Richard Calland                   The Zuma Years

Paul D van Hoy                    Wedding Photojournalism

Jean Carper                          100 simple things you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s

Alison Benjamin                  A world without Bees

Jessica Pitchford                Carte Blanche : the stories behind the stories

Tim Couzens                           South African Battles describes 36 battles spread over five centuries. These are not the well-trodden battlefields of standard histories, but generally lesser-known ones. Some were of critical importance, while some were infinitely curious. Written in a light, humorous and personal style, each chapter is self-contained, like a short story. South African Battles is an ideal bedside book, as well as an engaging travel companion.

SA battles

Chris Hunter                         Eight lives down. The job of a Bomb Disposal officer is the most dangerous job in the world … to make safe the British sector in Iraq against some of the most hardened and technically advanced terrorists in the world. Visceral and compelling, Eight Lives Down is the most exciting and nerve-jangling work of military non-fiction since Bravo Two Zero.