Here are the results of the Nerina 1000 Club draw on the 28 March 2013


R500            #186        Mrs C A Griffiths        Constantia        Thank You! : Very kindly re-donated to the fund.


R1000          #715         Mrs  H A Vine              Fish Hoek

R1000          #083        Mrs  P Fisher                Fish Hoek


R10,000       #532        Mrs A Bishop                Fish Hoek


A very sincere thanks to all our faithful and loyal subscribers.  Your support means so much to us.


Now – you are in our draw – but what about your family and friends??


Have you mentioned to them that for a donation of R50 per month, and with a limit of 1000 tickets, one’s chances are not too bad!


Furthermore, by signing a debit/stop order for the monthly donation it will ensure you automatically going into the draw each month.


After paying the winners the balance goes to: Subsidising the rentals of many older folk in dire circumstances;  medicines;  wages;  maintenance of the home and many other basic commodities.


Our main form of generating our funds is through the Nerina 1000 Club, so any help we can get is always so very greatly appreciated.


Please spread the news….. Remember “TO WIN IT YOU MUST BE IN IT”


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