Ex race-horse Fantasia has been given care and comfort by the Cape of Good Hope SPCA after being found in an horrendous condition in a township. However, they need monetary support to keep caring for her. Would you like to donate?


It’s the call we dread Vivienne
– especially when it comes late on a freezing wet Friday night:

“A horse is down in the township – can you come?”

Off we went – bumping along dirt tracks past informal shacks, until we came across a large group of people partying round an open fire.

There was music booming … taxis hooting … and a horse’s body lying prone in the gutter – with it’s outstretched legs providing handy goal posts for some children playing football.

Clearly we were too late. But as we walked towards the lifeless body, we saw the horse’s eyes following us.

DonateWith mounting horror, we realised that this broken beauty was a thoroughbred. With her thin coat and delicate hooves, she could never survive a hard township life.

Even with all our help she could not summon the strength to get to her feet, though she tried so hard to please us. We had to roll her onto a blanket and heave her into the horsebox.

Back at the unit, we examined the damage: mouth torn, probably from a very thin bit or even a piece of wire. Gashes and grazes all over, from falling on a tar road or possibly hit by a car. No hoof walls left, only the soft fleshy part of her feet. Emaciated and dehydrated.

But we made a pact – as long as she wants to fight back, we will fight by her side.

Please will you fight alongside us … by making a donation towards feed and vet bills directly into our bank account, using 213645 0813 as the beneficiary reference:

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name: Cape of Good Hope SPCA
Account no: 063 002 167
Branch: Constantia
Branch Code: 051001

Fantasia – as we named her – is safe, comfortable and cared for now. But she will need large amounts of pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication, as well as antibiotics to fight off the multitude of infections – from abscesses in her feet, to infected cuts and open suppurating wounds.

And this is where your help would make all the difference.

Please will you help bring this broken beauty back to health and strength?

Thank you for being someone we can always turn to when animals need help.

Chief Executive Officer 

Tel:  021 700 4141
Fax: 021 705 2127