“I love Muizenberg, it’s a fantastic place to have a shop and the people here are amazing. But surfing in Muizenberg is not what it used to be. To go surf out here is to join the circus. It’s beginners, it’s surf schools, it’s people ripping. It’s everyone. The only reason to go surfing here on the weekend is to be social. And that’s the difference. It’s a family thing. It’s all about fun. Anywhere else in the world five people take off on a wave and there’s a fistfight at the end. At Muizenberg five people take off on a wave and give each other high fives.” … Craig Paul

ZIGZAG has published a fabulous article by Andy Davis about surfing at Muizenberg which  weaves sketches of  well-known members of the local surfing and business fraternity into the history of Muizenberg  and the history of South African surfing. The text is illustrated with exquisite photographs taken by Alan van Gysen ….


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