at 5.30 p.m. ON MONDAY 18th MAY at 5.30 p.m.


  1. Apologies received from Butch Zeederberg, in Zimbabwe for a week. Present were : Bob Broom (chairman,) Midge Farquharson (secretary,) Viv von der Heyden and Bruce du Plessis


  1. The minutes, previously circulated, were adopted.


3.1        The Chairman reported back on certain erven which have been in a poor state of upkeep. A solution has not yet been found, particularly to a wall in danger of collapsing and causing injury. Viv von der Heyden drew the committee’s attention to the unacceptable state of the clinic’s grounds. The general problem of unsightly erven that need cleaning up was discussed. Conclusion : there is no easy answer as owners often simply ignore warnings.

Bruce du Plessis mentioned a missing manhole cover in a busy street in Stanford South. Although it was reported to the Municipality three weeks ago, nothing has been done. He pointed out that children were found playing in the uncovered sewer, which is obviously very dangerous. The Chairman undertook to bring it up at the monthly meeting to be held with the Municipal Manager on the coming Friday.

The Chairman reported that the shebeen operating from Die Kop has been closed down by the police. Bruce du Plessis mentioned that the tavern operating in Hopland was also still a worry, although it appears to have a liquor licence. He pointed out that closer scrutiny needs to be kept in the general interests of the community.


3.2        The situation of Kortmark Street extension has been answered in full by Kat Myburgh, the Municipal Manager, Gansbaai, and forwarded to Butch Zeederberg and felloew petitioners. Mr. Myburgh explained that there have been several court cases in this regard, and the Surveyor General’s map clearly shows this to be a public road. Misunderstanding as to its legality may have been caused in the past when the Municipality had failed to grade it, causing people to consider it to be unused by vehicles. It was noted that a low ranch fence has been erected at right angles to the existing one which will effectively prevent vehicles entering the area next to the river. This brings an end to the subject, which will no longer be on the SRA’s agenda.

The condition of the gravel roads in Stanford was again discussed. Jean de Villiers has advised that he has investigated many compaction options, but no real solution is yet in sight, several problems delaying any action. He pointed out that the municipality shares one reconstituted 18-year-old grader with Gansbaai. This will shortly be back in Stanford for maintenance of our gravel roads.

Other options to lessening the dust problem on Short and Longmarket Streets bordering the Meent were mentioned – both streets would have to be done. One suggestion was the narrowing of the roads which would have a traffic-calming effect. One-way traffic is also an option. The general problem regarding the possible tarring of roads in general was discussed, and despite financial constraints, every avenue is being pursued.


3.3        Viv von der Heyden reported to the meeting that she has placed our latest newletter and photo on her Scenic South website (www. ), where the SRA’s monthly edited minutes will appear. She has sent it to Stanford Info for inclusion on their site as well as administering the SRA’s Facebook page where the news will appear.  Bob Broom suggested adding the newsletter to Xplorio’s web site. Viv undertook to ‘explore’ this and to discuss things with Chantel of Stanford Info.


  1. There seems to be a deadlock with the advancement of government funding of local tourism, promised by them last year with much enthusiasm. There have been no developments,

however, as staff members have changed in the interim and it seems that everything will have to start from scratch. Submissions were asked of all of the Overstrand municipalities in relation to what would be needed, and all except Kleinmond Municipality complied with the request. Their failure to do this  resulted in the entire project being thrown out. It will be up to the local authorities to push to make this happen again.


  1. The Chairman reported on the draft budget and pointed out that there are problems ahead. The general refrain is the lack of money for various projects to happen . . .


  1. The subject of a suggestion box for the SRA was again raised. Practicalities in its implementation were raised – where, how and who responsible; protecting it from vandalism, the weather and misuse should it stand outside. The Chairman and Viv von der Heyden will discuss this further.


  1. There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7:20 p.m. The next committee will take place on Monday June 15th at 5:30 in the Municipal Board Room.

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