HELD ON 28 FEBRUARY 2013 AT 19H30




Present: Janet Holwill (chair) + as per the attendance register (including Cllrs F Purchase, D D’Alton & S Liell-Cock).


Apologies: As per the apology register.


Janet Holwill welcomed everyone, especially the guest speaker, Eleanor Yeld Hutchings.

She acknowledged the Blue Gecko Restaurant for providing the eats for the meeting.


2.   GUEST SPEAKER: Eleanor Yeld Hutchings from the WWF/Shorelines

Eleanor is a marine biologist who grew up in the Fish Hoek Valley. She works full-time for WWF and is part of the crew who filmed the Shorelines television series.

Eleanor’s passion is sharing the diversity of our shorelines with others.  As she told attendees, South Africa has 3000km of shoreline, but its two currents make it different – with 15% of the world’s marine life.

Conservation has undergone a shift, she said – ‘In order to conserve our coast, we need to get communities to work with us and to understand the sustainable use of resources.  Conservation needs to come from the bottom up’.

Eleanor’s work with the WWF involves setting up the Coastal Conservation Partnership for False Bay. The goal is to develop a shared vision for False Bay. The Partnership plans to do this through promotion of responsible development and pro-active education and awareness.

The “My False Bay” campaign of public engagement aims to understand why False Bay is special in different ways to different people. It aims to get people to express pride in False Bay. “We need to get  people talking about and sharing why our shoreline is important to them.”



Approved and signed.


4.   COUNCILLORS’ REPORT: Cllr Simon Liell-Cock (councillor for ward 61)

The good:  The baboon situation has greatly improved;

The bad: The ongoing saga with the minibus taxis;

The ugly: The traffic – especially on Kalk Bay Main Road and over Ou Kaapse Weg.


Alien clearing: An environmental law enforcement team has been launched, which does excellent work clearing land of invasive alien species.

      Urban agriculture: Cllr Liell-Cock has received many requests regarding urban agriculture/community farming. Need to determine if this is sustainable before ploughing money into land.

Shark exclusion net: has passed all the approval processes and the project is going ahead.

Mountain View housing scheme, Ocean View: a people’s housing project. The first two show houses are being built.

Fish Hoek CID: has been very successful in keeping area clean and vagrant free.

Scenic routes: illegal signage is degrading the beauty of the natural environment.

Land use: the Western Cape Land Use Planning Act (LUPA) will come into effect on 1 April 2014 and the Cape Town Integrated Zoning Scheme comes into effect on 1 March 2013. We        are trying to reduce the impact of this, so that businesses cannot put up buildings simply because it is their right. This will say what your neighbour can or cannot do.

Service delivery: the SMS 31373 service from Water Tech has been a great success.

Fish Hoek radio: a new internet based radio station has been launched.


What steps are being taken to prevent developers from demanding more land and increasing the traffic problems?

Simon: We have been fighting this for more than 10 years – this is why the land use regulations are so important. We need to be aware of plans and engage. We need to fight densificaton away from the railway line, but the City needs to develop safe public transport in order to get people off the roads.

Can we not concentrate on cycle tracks and safe pedestrian facilities?

There was talk of cycle tracks which are mostly used by school children and leisurely cyclists, but these need to be on Recreation Road, not Kommetjie Road. They need to be away from the traffic.

Idea proposed– a ‘car-free day’ in the South Peninsula.


5.   COUNCILLOR’S REPORT: Ald. Felicity Purchase (councillor for ward 69 and chairperson of Sub-Council 19)

      Graffiti by-law:  identify a wall in each area that can be used for legal graffiti. Each month an artist gets an opportunity to paint over the previous picture.

Jager Walk: problem with lighting is the frequency with which the cables are stolen. Solar lighting is           an option, but solar panels also get stolen.

Estate agent signage: needs to be monitored.

Walkway along railway line from Kalk Bay to Clovelly: problem is the high maintenance factor. Also, it was felt there was sufficient space on the pavement.


6.   TREASURER’S REPORT: Allen Rose-Innes

Allen reported an income of R16 809 and expenditure of R16 907 for the year ending 31 December 2012 – so a small deficit.

Expenses included:

  • paying for secretarial services (have a volunteer for 2013)
  • donations to False Bay Hospital and to MercyNet (R1 000 each)
  • donation to the Hout Bay Ratepayers Association for opposition to the extravagant tolling booths on Chapman’s Drive (R500)
  • advertising and promotions: R1 800
  • contribution to Scenic South website to advertise the FHVRRA: R1 000


The Financial Statements for the year ending 31 December 2012, reviewed by an independent accounting officer (Lorna Fulford), were formally proposed and approved by the meeting.

Allen noted that the accounting officer, who will be given a gift and complementary membership of the Association, is prepared to again review the financials for the year ending 31 December 2013.

Helen O’Regan will now collect the subscription fees and          keep the membership records up to date.

7.   CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: Janet Holwill

Sewerage pump station: pumps not working from time to time and error messages not getting to relevant people, as the wireless mast on Elsie’s Peak required fixing. We are now using the old fashioned flashing step instead of wireless messaging.

The Beach (Lorraine Lemmon-Warde): making tremendous strides with maintenance, but still needs attention, especially lighting and law enforcement. Security a major issue.

Baboons (Graham Child): current service provider working well.

Property (Allen, Janet): busy portfolio – monitoring zoning permits and ongoing effects of densification.

Roads (Uga Carlini): we now have traffic lights at Riverside Road. We requested lights at Highway Road and 13th Ave, but no funds are available.

Main Road: current stop/go will end by the middle of April, then we shall have 18 months free of stop/go. Planned Stop/Go between Labia and Muizenberg can be avoided over Boyes Drive.

Ou Kaapse Weg: we have supported the Steenberg Homeowner’s association who have lobbied for improvements.

Silvermine Wetlands: very little funding. Many thanks to Evan and Terry Rothwell who maintain it.

Far South Peninsula Community Forum: excellent presentation by Sandy Barnes about the urban edge.

Exco Membership: We said goodbye to Dave Henstock from the Exco. We need more members to broaden awareness and need an admin secretary. We’d like to encourage people with expertise to get involved – preferable recently retired people, who have a wide knowledge of all sorts of things.

Facebook/Twitter: do we need to have a presence here? Yes. [Post meeting: We now have a twitter account @fishhoekvalley]



The following Exco members were elected:

Janet Holwill, Allen Rose-Innes, Alan Lindner, Lorraine Lemmon-Warde, Graham Child, Uga Carlini, Bob Lockyer, Gail Jennings, Matthew Gray, Helen O’Regan

Janet is prepared to stay on the committee, but not as chairperson. The new committee to decide on the chairperson.



Any other issues

Evan Rothwell asked what is happening regarding the dunes, which are being lost at 6m a year. Councillor Dave D’Alton promised to get a proper report from his officials.



Janet closed the meeting, with thanks to all for attending.