2014 Annual General Meeting for GEESE held on

Sunday 4th May at 5pm in St Andrew’s Church,

73 Glen Road, Glencairn



Before the meeting, presentations showing the involvement of Eco Warriors from AfriOceans on World Wetland Day 2014, a power-point presentation of the visit from the Fish Hoek High School Grade 10s and various photos of interest were shown.


1.    Welcome & Apologies – the Chairman, Sir Rupert, welcomed some thirty members to the AGM and received apologies from Phoebe Barnard, Stev Brammer, the Revd Bob Commin, George Davies, Alison Farraday, Dalton Gibbs, Tom Hardenberg, Philippe Jaques, John Kieser (International Coastal Cleanup Coordinator), Ward Councillor Simon Liell-Cock, Philip Lloyd, Dagan & Tara Naeser, David Reid, Jeremy Wiley and Mark Wiley (Provincial MP).


2.    Chairman’s Report having only been circulated at the meeting, Sir Rupert ran through it picking out items of special interest such as the Storm Water Catchment Nets.   (Brad Wallace Bradley’s full report of this operation is attached).   His report was adopted and he was thanked


3.    Accounts – Sir Rupert then took members through the accounts  which, thanks to the donation of funds from the Friends of the Simon’s Town Coastline which had closed down, were in a healthy state, enabling GEESE to pay wages to Mattheus and meet the costs of maintenance.


4.    Who will do what this coming year

            4.1  Last Year’s Executive Committee was re-elected except for Anne Fry who is out of the country for half the year, namely .                   John van Huyssteen               Margaret Cartwright

Bob Hulsman                             Rupert and Cilla Bromley

4.2     Portfolios (please correct me if I have left anyone off ….or if anyone else who is interested please contact Cilla)

v    Education (& this would include Fishing Workshops):  Terry Corr (terry@aoca.org.za), Chris Bonthuys (Chris.Bonthuys@capetown.gov.za)

v    Liaison with City re Shark Prevention: this would be co-ordinated by Heath Keyser (seafever@iafrica.com) with a number of members offering help

v    Communicator – Face Book, Web Pages:   Aliet Ray (aliet.pelt@snowisp.com) and Benson (benson.arendse@gmail.com) agreed to get this going.

v    Maintenance – Bob Hulsman (hulsman2@telkomsa.net) agreed to continue with help from Brad Wallace Bradley (021 786 1957)

Many of those present offered to help whenever it was required.   The Chairman thanked people for their willingness to help.



       5.1  FISHING – Cilla outlined the problems resulting from fishing:

              (a)  the snagging of birds.   Emergency phone numbers to report accidents needed to be advertised.

              (b)  inexperience:  it was decided to run a workshop in the next school holidays and to draw up a fishing code of etiquette

5.2     MONITORING DOG WALKERS TO PICK UP:   Cilla outlined the concept of a Guild of Glencairn Dog Walkers, to praise people who advertised they “were prepared to pick up after their dogs” perhaps by displaying a bag tied to the lead or collar of the dog.   Award people who signed the “No Poo” declaration by presenting them with a GEESE badge – Karen Gray-Kilfoil of SunValleyEcoWatch had their’s printed by the Badge Man.

5.3  PROPOSED SHARK PREVENTION EXPERIMENT:  GEESE had been approached by Gregg Oeloffse from the City to give approval to this experiment taking place in Glencairn Bay.   GEESE were not happy to do this as the sea was beyond their expertise and through a series of events, were put in contact with Heath Keiser, a 3rd generation Glencairnite to investigate the project.   Cilla outlined the project as far as she understood it and explained that she had, without success, emailed and left messages for Gregg Oeloffse.   He is promoting this experiment on behalf of the Natal Sharks Board who had approached Cape Town City to find a site to further this experiment.   She had invited him to the AGM to answer our queries.   A large number of questions were put forward and Heath Keiser agreed to drive the investigation.   It was felt that Gregg had probably taken advantage of all the public holidays to take some leave and Cilla would try contacting him again from Monday 12th onwards and report back to Heath.


6.    LAUNCH OF THE “FISH HOEK TUNNEL” paving venture – Cilla explained that it was vital to

establish a route for the Camp Children to get to the beach without having to risk their lives by crossing  roads.   The gift of pavers from Moira and Jennifer had proved that it was possible but this needed to be improved, to stabilize the pavers and make it accessible under most conditions.   So GEESE are appealing to the public to donate .R50 a paver (50cm x 50cm) – donations have flowed in, some seven of them from overseas visitors, together with promises and to date we can now purchase at least another 16 and a donation of 8+ mixed used pavers from Neil von Blerk for which we are most grateful – he also had a lead to where we could buy them at cost which we will follow up.


7.    Vote of thanks to all who have donated their professional expertise to GEESE:

Ø  Councillor Simon Liell-Cock’s enthusiastic support

Ø  the Revd Robert Commin, Acting-Rector of the Parish of St Francis for the use of St Andrew’s

Ø  Andrew Haines of High Signs for his continued support and donation of signs

Ø  Louise Stafford and her team for the removal of the alien vegetation.

Ø  Charles Lamb and Kyle Rodrigues for catching the vision for the Storm Water Catchment nets.

Ø  John Kieser,Environmental Manager, Coastal Provinces & International Coastal Cleanup Coordinator  – interesting website <plasticssa.co.za> for his support (bags, gloves, tongs +++) of our Litter Clean-Ups

Ø  Ricardo Thompson of CoCT Waste Management, the provider of our litter bins, who seamlessly has taken over the clearing of most of our bins for us.

Ø  Chris Bonthuys’ s team for cutting the grass.

And John van Huyssteen very kindly proposed a vote of thanks to the Bromleys for their efforts.


8.    There being no other formal business, everyone repaired next door for refreshments – many thanks to Aliet for her delicious meat balls which were much appreciated.!


Report by Brad Wallace Bradley on the Storm Water Catchment Nets


When the first Vlei Clean-up Day was suggested, I realised that to get under both sets of road-bridges and into the estuary below the hotel, sea-boots (Wellies to the land-lubbers) were going to be necessary.   Accordingly, I volunteered to cover those areas and came suitably attired along with my very old, but ideal, two pronged garden cultivator, for a longer reach.


Having covered those areas, I came across the three storm-water drains, from Glencairn Heights, into the Northern edges of the lower vlei (the Bolder Path).


At the central drain, adjacent to the main Bus Stop Shelter, several essays, knee deep, into the reeds, revealed decades-worth of plastic litter, etc.


Hoping not to have to repeat this exercise after the first rains every year, I drove poles around that drain and lined it with plastic mesh.  The City have since built smaller fences with more open mesh around the other two, East and West of the original catchment fence.


It has been found necessary to empty the catchments after every heavy rainfall.   (Interestingly, a spring was discovered to be running from underneath the central stormwater pipe which formed a deep pool hiding much of the litter (including two suitcases!)   This pool was filled with stones and rubble to prevent litter lying under the water surface.


To record the “production”, since starting to collect in May 2013, the contents of a full Pick’n Pay plastic shopping bag was used as a “yardstick’.


To date +/- 47 bagfuls have been cleared from all three catchments (mainly the central one) and an equal amount from the path and bank along the Glencairn Expressway, up to the Upper Berm.


Brad Wallace Bradley

May 2014


GEESE = Glencairn Education & Environment Support Enthusiasts

Chairman, Sir Rupert Bromley & Secretary, Lady Bromley

The Old Manse, 71 Glen Road, Glencairn, Cape, 7975, South Africa

Phone 021 782 6400 :  Fax 021 782 5016 : Cell 083 610 1619

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