Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting for Glencairn Education & Environment Support Enthusiasts (GEESE) held on Sunday 19th April at 5pm in St Andrew’s Church, 73 Glen Road, Glencairn


Welcome & Apologies – the Chairman, Sir Rupert, welcomed to the AGM some twenty members and Mr de Mynk, a Schnauzer, who responded appropriately to the dogs being band from Glencairn Beach.   Apologies had been received from the Revd Bob Commin,, Ward Councillor Simon Liell-Cock, Nicki Holderness, Diana Reekie, the Salter family and a number of other people.


 Chairman’s Report having been circulated prior to the meeting, Sir Rupert ran through it picking out items of special interest and invited questions requesting more detailed information.   Additional activities to the written report were the very successful annual visit from the Grade 10s at Fish Hoek High School and the considerable loads of wood chips recovered by Brad Wallace Bradley to stabilize the Dune Path.   The Chairman also thanked Dagan Naeser and his team of Scouts for repainting the “G L E N C A I R N” Stones, as well as Beryl Kleynhans for the donation of her family swing that was put up in the Peter Salter Dell by Brad & Cilla!   Rupert then drew members’ attention to the two awards received by GEESE this year.   One from Sub-Council 19 and the other a Certificate of Merit Award in the Communities Category of the Eco-Logic Awards 2014.   The old chestnut – problems with fishing and damage to birds had been very minor this past year, possibly due to the abnormal breeding patterns adopted by the Egyptian Geese – they bred in the winter months.


 Accounts – Sir Rupert then took members through the accounts (attached).   The year began with some R14 000 in the Bank, largely from funds given to us by Friends of the Simons Town Coastline when they closed down.    Expenses for the year were some R6 000, so we were left with some R8 000 and some cash in hand.    Since the end of last year we have spent some R2 000;  we have had donations of over R1 000, so we are left with a balance of some R7 000.   This will be sufficient to see us through 2015, but by next year we will need a source of income.   Our main costs are wages for Matthias.   The question of membership fees was raised as a means of funding GEESE but it was felt that GEESE needed to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible – just submitting an email address made people members – and encouraging donations would be a better method, and appealing for funding for specific projects like the pavers.


Who will do what this coming yearlast year’s executive committee was unanimously re-elected – John van Huyssteen, Margaret Cartwright, Bob Hulsman, Rupert and Cilla Bromley.   It was noted that members came forward to assist whenever there was a need – GEESE was more an action organisation rather than a theory and discussion group and the principle of the secretary notifying members of up-coming projects and inviting members to participate would be the modus operandi.   This method met with approval.   The Chairman thanked people for their willingness to help.



    *  Dogs on Beaches.   This was a very emotive subject as the City was proposing to make Glencairn Beach a “no dog area” which is completely contrary to historical and customary usage.   Members were outraged at the prospect.   Jandy Jaques informed the meeting of the proposed placard demonstration at the Sub Council meeting the next day and members were encouraged to join her and to ensure their own individual objections were submitted before 30th April.   GEESE would be objecting on behalf of the Glencairn Community.   The reasoning of certain City officials behind the banning appeared petty and not well thought through.   The whole process was poorly advertised and badly managed.

  • Update on the state of the Railway Line – Darryl Colembrander & Greg Oeloffse had been asked to submit up dates – much discussion has been going on behind the scenes – but neither had responded.
  • Shark Prevention Experiment – GEESE had liaised very closely with Paul van Blerk who had contributed to the Chairman’s annual report.   It was very puzzling to all concerned that after approximately 50 white sharks visiting Glen Bay the previous year, none had come this year.   One possibility was the dispersal of young male sharks being pushed out of the pod.   Paul and his team would be removing all their equipment at the end of April and then would closely review the video footage for reasons.
  • Monitoring Sewage Spills:   this had become necessary because of the power outages causing the pump stations to fail.   Cilla had been working closely with Thabo Kabini, Functional/Operational Manager for the City who had overhauled the Glencairn Pump Station in order to maximize its holding capacity during a power outage.   Also his men would be checking the pump station whenever there was a power outage.   People were encouraged not to flush toilets and send water down the drains during outages. The pump stations acted as booster stations and all had to work together in moving the sewage to its destination.


Special Vote of thanks to all who have donated their professional expertise to GEESE:

  • Alderman Felicity Purchase and Councillor Simon Liell-Cock for their enthusiastic support.
  • the Revd Robert Commin, Acting-Rector of the Parish of St Francis for the use of St Andrew’s
  • Andrew Haines of High Signs for his continued support and donation of signs.
  • Martin Thompson & Talcott Persent from the City for the extension of the Van Eck Bridge.
  • Louise Stafford and her team for the removal of the alien vegetation.
  • Charles Lamb of the Fish Hoek Roads Depot for the clearing and removal of vegetation from the Peter Salter Dell.
  • John Kieser, Environmental Manager, Coastal Provinces & International Coastal Cleanup Coordinator  – interesting website <plasticssa.co.za> for his support (bags, gloves, tongs, water +++) for our Litter Clean-Ups
  • Chris Bonthuys’ s team for cutting the grass.

And Ros de Muynk very kindly proposed a vote of thanks to the Bromleys for their efforts.

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GEESE = Glencairn Education & Environment Support Enthusiasts

Chairman, Sir Rupert Bromley & Secretary, Lady Bromley

Cell 083 610 1619

Email: Bromleycilla@gmail.com