An enthusiastic  full-house audience at Fish Hoek High School theatre on  Saturday October  13th cheered the cast of the Neighbourhood Watch concert to the echo at curtain time. And the applause, for a concert of truly professional standard, was fully justified.

The concert came about when the local Neighbourhood Watch found itself in need of funds to meet unexpected legal expenses, and Dermod Gloster, a former professional singer overseas, suggested the concert to raise those funds. The legal problem, as it happens, fell away, but the idea for the concert had now firmly taken hold. From the start he insisted on a high standard, engaging artists who in many cases had professional experience, and all of proven talent –  and scarcely having to leave the Fish Hoek Valley to do so.  The array of talent in the Valley is truly amazing, some born and bred, others having come there to live. We can be proud of them all!

With over 500 seats to fill, a great deal of effort went into  the marketing of the concert, with Neighbourhood Watches in each area asked to assist in selling to their own members and the general public.. Some, it has to be said, responded a great deal better than others, but the overall result, not forgetting some excellent selling by A.P. Jones department store, was a full house at this fine theatre.

“The programme  –  set out separately for ease of reference, together with brief details of the artists taking part  –   was deliberately varied, ranging from operetta and musicals to swing, tap dancing and violin, clarinet and piano solos, and the mix seemed to please everyone. By common consent,  the standard was exceptional,” commented Mark Prowse, chairman of the Neighbourhood Watch Sector 1 Crime Forum.

The concert raised over R28 000 for Neighbourhood Watch funds, he added, and has set an exciting precedent for future fund-raising.

Pictured at curtain call are (l to r): Dermod Gloster, Debbie Norman, Helen Broekmann, Quentin Crida, Debbie Jenkins, Charles Mauger,  Liesl Hartje, Ami-Rose Barber, Aubrey Hindle and Debi Parkinson.


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