Coach Siya of Goodsport Trust starts the hike with a group of children enrolled in the holiday clinicThe Goodsport Trust were recently asked by the Department of Social Development to run a 5 day holiday clinic during the December/January holidays.  Even with the short notice, Goodsport rose to the occasion and ran the holiday clinic from the 9th to the 14th of January 2013.


We were amazed and thrilled at the number of children who arrived from Ocean View, Masiphumelele, Fish Hoek, and even Capricorn Park – over 150 boys & girls signed up on the first day, with ages ranging from 9 years to 18 years.


The children were divided into groups according to gender and age, with 5 groups in total.  These groups then had an opportunity to take part in 5 events over the duration of the clinic.  The events were:


1.       Climbing, abseiling and learning knots

2.       Team sports (rugby / soccer)

3.       Hiking, including a nature talk

4.       Badminton and volleyball

5.       Athletic testing


Each day the children were asked to provide feedback regarding the activities, food (arranged through the Dept of Social Development) and coaches, and most of the children agreed that the event was immense fun, with a great opportunity for learning new skills.


The Department of Social Development have indicated that they were so thrilled with how Goodsport ran the event, and they would like to ask us to run holiday clinics again, later this year.



For us at Goodsport, it was an exciting opportunity to share knowledge and skills with children. To hear their laughter and see the appreciation in the children’s faces was heart-warming!


To read more about The Goodsport Trust please visit our website  Please note that we have moved recently and are now based at the Chrysalis Academy in Tokai.


Liz Moran

HR & Administration

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