LifeLine, a telephonic service offering support and hope to those in distress, is once again offering their well-known LifeLine Course at LifeLine Western Cape.

LifeLine’s in-house training courses not only enhance personal growth and self-knowledge but also teach optimal communication skills. “We always need counsellors and in this case our Personal Growth and Counselling Skills Courses are obligatory,” explains Glynis Depper, Chairperson of LifeLine Western Cape. “However, if you are the kind of person who wishes to be of service to your fellow humans or simply learn more about what makes you and others tick, this is the course for you!”

Start off with the Personal Growth Course where life issues such as relationships, personal value systems, conflict, spirituality, bereavement are explored on an experiential basis. The course nurtures a safe environment in which you can be you and also discover the “you” in others. You will come away with the realisation that you are not alone – that indeed we’re all the same; we all experience the same emotions.

The Counselling Skills Course follows the Personal Growth Course. Here you learn about communication – to listen with the ears of the heart and see the person behind her/his words. Some of the topics covered are questioning skills, attending behaviour, conflict, depth counselling and how to build relationships. The personal Growth Course is a prerequisite for the Counselling Skills Course.

The next Personal Growth Course takes place at our head office – 56 Roeland Street Cape Town and starts on Tuesday 28 July 2015 from 19h00 to 22h00 every week for nine weeks. The fees are R2000 for the course.

Some of the responses we have received from people who have done our course in the past:

“Being a LifeLine Counsellor has brought so much meaning to my own life; it is such a privilege”

The LifeLine Course is amazing – everyone should do it!”

“The LifeLine Course has improved my relationships”

“I was asleep before I met LifeLine”

For more information please phone LifeLine on 021 4611113 or email