MORE & MORE people are Cutting Carbon!!  ARE YOU?

The carbon cutting that is required of all of us is going to impact dramatically on our lifestyles.  Let’s choose those changes ourselves, so that fewer changes will be imposed on us in the (near) future as a result of Climate Change.  Start to implement energy and climate saving tips today. Walk or cycle, and burn off your calories not the ones in your car.  Buy local.  Get creative with great meat free meals. Reduce the temperature of your geyser.  Take shorter showers.  Dry clothing in the sun, not in the tumble drier.  Install energy saving lights and appliances.  Reduce waste and recycle the rest.  Shop consciously and consider the environmental cost of unnecessary stuff.   And until you have managed to cut your carbon emissions dramatically, consider carbon off- setting – by planting a tree or by supporting a local biodiversity conservation project.

Be informed:

Project 90 by 2030 is committed to creating awareness about the need to reduce RSA greenhouse gasses by 90% before the year 2030.  Their website has a wealth of up to date articles and resources including a Personal Carbon footprint calculator. http://www.90×

The most terrifying video you will ever see.  Don’t be put off by the title, its just to get your attention.  The video is a clever risk analysis that looks at the scenario of ignoring climate change vs the economic consequences of changing the economy to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions.  A bit funky, but gets the message across brilliantly.

The Story of Stuff : a must see 20 minutes film.  A fast paced, fact filled look at the social and environmental costs of our production and consumption patterns.

13 year Severn Suzuki addresses the International UN Conference on the Environment in Rio di Janeiro in 1992. Her powerful and moving message is 18 years old. When will we get it.?

The Lorax“, by Dr Seuss, is an engaging and magical tale with a hopeful message for the future.

Unsustainable lifestyles are no longer just a threat to nature, but to ourselves as well.