“Learning to Live with Anxiety” is a core leadership competency.

I am delighted to invite you to an introductory morning seminar on “Learning to Live with Anxiety” on Friday, 15th March.

  • ·         What would it take for us to experience our anxiety, yet not make defensive and hasty business and personal decisions from this anxious place?
  • ·         How would it feel to understand your anxiety and that of others around you and live with that anxiety in a comfortable way?
  • ·         What a breakthrough if your anxiety does not own your decisions, behaviour and thoughts, but drive you to success, loving relationships and a fulfilling life?
  • ·         How empowering would it if be if you can understand the neuro-science behind our behaviour?


The Learning to Live with Anxiety programme teaches us how to identify our anxiety, pinpoint the various sources and serves as an enabler to live our life in such a way that anxiety might be present in our lives but does inhibit or limit us. The session will be presented by Ann Bakkes:

  Ann is a Business and Life coach, facilitator and consultant that has experience in various industries, (Health, IT, Financial services and other) and brings with her the knowledge of senior and executive leadership positions held over the years. Her passion for people, sharing knowledge and experience, as well as organisational change serves as her drivers. 

In her individual and team coaching capacity, Ann has taken individuals as well as executive teams through the “Living to learn with anxiety” process with amazing results reported by the teams and individuals that indicated changed awareness around their behaviour when anxious in the workplace as well as in other relationships .


Ann’s sessions are designed to increase awareness around anxiety, behaviour, belief systems that inform the anxiety as well as equipping the individual and team to deal with the anxiety in a profession, healthy and productive fashion. The sessions focus on a holistic approach that includes all senses, different worldviews as well as including the physical and neuro-scientific aspect that influences our anxiety and behaviour.


Event details:

Date:                     Friday, 15th March 2013
Time:                     08h30 – 11h30 (Registration at 08h30, the workshop will commence at 09h00)
Investment:       R250.00 (excl. VAT)

Venue:                 Atlantic Imbizo Conference Centre, Clocktower Building, V&A Waterfront (Tel 021 419 4565)

To book your place, please contact Johleen: johleen@symphonia.net / Tel: 021 913 3507 / Fax: 021 913 3187

We look forward to having you at this very valuable session with us!

Warm regards,
Louise van Rhyn