Luca Rotteglia, aged 7, loves taking photos of animals, bugs and flowers and wanted his own camera.  So when he found out about the National Geographic Young Photographers Competition he was determined to enter.  At every opportunity he would borrow his dad’s camera to take pictures. He entered a picture of a Lizard which he had taken in our neighbour’s garden titled “ Lizard Looking At Me”.

Out of 1500 entries, 9 finalists were selected.  Luca was completely overjoyed when he heard that he was a finalist and that he had won the camera that he dreamed of.

Luca says that when he entered the competition he was hoping that he would win a camera and he was very happy when he found out that he had won one. He also said that he thinks that he is a very good photographer.

Luca is in grade 2. He lives in Kommetjie and loves taking pictures, jayboarding, riding his bike and playing with his friends.