There can’t be many better places to be on a glorious late spring afternoon than Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, the exquisite blooms, the shady alcoves and the open grassy spaces were students sunning themselves while studying for upcoming exams, young mothers painting with their little ones or finding enjoyment in the company of their friends, tourists awed by the brilliance and variety of our South African flora and retired folk peacefully enjoying the ambience of this World Heritage Site of which we South Africans are justifiably proud.


While the paintings exhibited in the Sanlam Exhibition Centre inspired me to be more experimental in my own painting, the gardens made me wish to fill the last tiny empty patches in my own garden with  some of the delightful species seen at Kirstenbosch. We have a list on our website of indigenous plants that grow well in South Peninsula gardens, some of which may be seen in these photographs taken on my visit this week.


To commemorate the 100th birthday of Kirstenbosch, two calendars have been printed that are available now: 2013 Kirstenbosch Centenary Calendar, with lovely pictures of the garden depicting it  ‘Now’ and ‘Then’ and the Botanical Society’s 2013 calendar celebrating 100 years of Botanical Art.


They would make wonderful presents for family and friends.


For a programme of the Summer Evening concerts that are being held in Kirstenbosch this season see


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