Kelp. Ecklonia Maxima. We are so lucky to have such an abundance in the Deep South. This sea vegetable has many health giving properties, is good for your animals and garden and tastes delicious!
Fast Facts on Kelp: 
Kelp uniquely tops the list for the following nutrients: calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, iodine, and is also very high in sulfur. (Heritage F, Composition and Facts About Food, Health Research, 1971)
Seawater and human blood are almost identical in chemical constituency. No fewer than 92 different mineral elements have been found in seaweeds, including some elements which we require only in trace amounts, but whose presence is nonetheless vital to our complete well-being. Seaweeds contain many times more minerals than land grown plants, as much as 50 times more according to Dr W Black. (Black W, Proc Nutr Soc (Eng), 32, 1953)

Kelp is highly nutritious since it has at its disposal all the nutrients which run-off from the land, but little competition to assimilate these. It preferentially bio-accumulates all the essential plant-nutrients, rejecting the contaminants, unless the latter totally predominate, as in the highly developed and populated areas of the world. Possibly the last pure kelp-beds in the world, South African West coast kelp, Ecklonia, is fed by the clean Benguela cold water currents, which flow northwards up the West coast of southern Africa from the pristine ice continent of Antartica. (Stuart Thomson, Director, Gaia Research Institute)
NB: Please note that due to its high content of Iodine, people who suffer from Thyroid problems should not eat seaweed.



Kelp blades

1 tbs olive oil

1 tbs vinegar




any other sandwich filling of your choice

Sea salt and black pepper to taste.


Cut bite size pieces of kelp blades and put in a saucepan. Cover with water and add the vinegar. Cook until soft, +- 10 mins, then pour out the remaining water and add a tbs of olive oil. Prepare sandwich with the kelp, cheese and other filling of your choice, buttering the outer sides of the bread. Pop in a hot pan/braai grid/oven and cook on both sides for a few minutes until golden brown. Enjoy warm!

Roushanna Gray of Good Hope Nursery

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