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Please note that Useful Contact Numbers are provided at the bottom of this Newsletter. We encourage people to make use of these to report issues to the City.News from your Councillor
Council Recess is over and Portfolio Committee meetings resumed as from Monday 2013-07-15.Council will sit again on 29th July and Sub-Council 19 on 19th August. I do not think most residents appreciate just how much work has been and is being done by the Invasive Alien Species Unit – Natural fynbos now flourishes over vast tracts of land which were infested for years and world class views along the scenic routes which were lost have been opened up providing locals and tourists with much pleasure. This is all part of enhancing the asset we have – the natural beauty of the Far South Peninsula. I am frequently impressed with the response from Service Delivery departments such as Water and Sanitation, Electricity and Roads and Storm Water and I often receive positive feedback from many residents. The revised property rates came into effect on 1 July please look carefully at your municipal accounts and follow up any queries with the call centre. The behaviour of minibus taxis has become intolerable and I have requested action from the Law Enforcement unit dedicated to taxi issues. It helps if an incident log is kept recording the nature of the incident, the registration number and the date, time and place.

News from THE Civic Association
The STCA will be holding our General Meeting in September, 2013. The meeting will be brief and then we will move on to the highlight of the evening which will be the launch of our new Community Blog, called Round & About. Various stakeholders, such as the STCA, SBA, CPF, and Coastal Forum, are working together feverishly on this collective blog. Creating a modern & fresh look, offering a broad content, but at the same time drawing experience from the existing community blog. Round & About aims to be a one-stop shop for all local information and will be officially launched shortly.

Civic Association Property Portfolio
Our Property Portfolio is a busy and volatile one, dealing with subdivisions, planning departures etc, new urban developments and complex planning legislation. The portfolio, therefore, has a dedicated team to deal effectively with the variety of applications which are received for scrutiny and comment.
The role of this team becomes all the more important due to changes which have been tabled by the City for approval by Council to amend the way of handling planning administration in terms of public participation and delegations of decision making power. These amendments, if approved, will place planning administration under the control of a central office in the City, thus removing the authority of sub-councils on any planning decision-making on land use matters.
The team will act as a watchdog on this matter, and our Councillor will provide feedback on the progress of these amendments. The team includes Roger Bagshaw, Hilary Jacobs, Nicki Holderness, Louise deWaal and Lorraine Holloway.
Current projects in progress include Rotary Retirement Village on Glen Road, Glencairn, development of the Marine Oil Refinery Site and the Dido Valley development. The Rotary development is at the stage where a submission by the developer has been made to the Department of the Environment for environmental authorisation and an application for amendments to planning legislation and regulations have been made to the City of Cape Town. The latter two projects are inactive at this stage.
The STCA has made, and will continue to make the necessary submissions at every stage of these developments and the community will be kept up to date on the progress of all of these projects as they evolve.
Our civic is also aligned with the Glencairn Action Group and the Far South Peninsula Community Forum (an umbrella organisation of local civics) on urban development issues; and advice is taken from our Councillor on the application of planning legislation.

Penguins – Volunteering at SANCCOB
From Kim Da Ribeira. I ever so excitedly arrived to do my first shift as a volunteer at SANCCOB and was assigned to help in the CRU (Chick Rearing Unit). After removing my shoes I dipped my feet in the sanitizing foot-bath donned the Crocs that were provided, and was summarily introduced to the washing machines and a mountain of towels. This was to be my main task for the morning (I had no idea I was going to have to work quite so hard… ). The chick’s food is prepared daily by the staff, each chick is fed a specific weight or quantity by hand, according to a documented feeding schedule. Their bedding (towels) is changed daily, each towel is washed 3 times and then either hung out to dry or tumbled dried. The unit is swept and mopped, the chicks are moved outside to enjoy the sun. In the absence of volunteers the staff do all of this themselves. The staff are amazing, dedicated and inspiring. The responsibility of rearing the chicks is enormous, and the staff work with them with incredible care. I left exhausted and in awe, and looking forward to my next shift! It was clear that an additional industrial tumble dryer to cope with the winter laundry requirements would be most greatfully received. Here is a link to SANCCOB’s wishlist. For anyone wishing to Volunteer please email Louise Myburgh. Penguin image is courtesy of Alicia Nicola.

Our annual welcome to spring takes place over the long weekend from the 21st September through to Heritage Day on Tuesday the 24th. This is very much a showcase of the people and passions of Simon’s Town, with all our favourite activities featured. The Spring Regatta is the cornerstone event, with open gardens, running and fitness events, markets, art, music events all through the town and Navy and historic tours – but we need more! Do you have an expertise or passion that you are willing to showcase – is it a “how to” session? cooking, painting, potting, playing an instrument? Is it dance, fitness or maybe a beautiful garden? If you think you could put together an event based on your idea then email a proposal to here.

The Just Nuisance Market’s move into the Simon’s Town town hall was a great success, attracting many browsers and shoppers in from the cold and rain. As usual, the food stalls were extremely popular, and the warm vibrant atmosphere was enhanced by the music provided by the vintage live band, C.R.A.F.T. The Market is a community event, providing an opportunity for socialising and networking, as well as shopping. Businesses owners and residents were also able to interact informally with local councillors, Simon Liell-Cock, Pat Franke, Felicity Purchase and Mark Wiley our local member of the Provincial Parliament. The next Just Nuisance Market will take place in September. Visit the FaceBook page for full info.

Human Wildlife Solutions (HWS), the company responsible for the management of baboons on the Peninsula, have had their contract renewed by the City of Cape Town as from July 2013. HWS continue to be highly effective in keeping baboons outside the urban space, and have enjoyed particular success with the Smitswinkel troop. This troop, previously infamous for their raiding of bins, houses, tourist vehicles and the Millers Point facilities, has been transformed to a virtually non-raiding troop which now spend most of their time foraging up the mountain with short spells foraging along the shoreline. This troop is now a rare sight along the M4 en route to Cape Point.
Please continue to support their efforts by keeping your waste secured at all times and reporting the presence of baboons in your vicinity by calling the Baboon Helpline 071 588 6540.

Annual winter maintenance is in full swing with the painting of walls, cannon, anchors etc including the wall outside the Naval Museum, the renovation of the wall at the whale viewing site at Glencairn and the renovation and provision of new signage on the plinth at the bottom of Clan Stewart street in Glencairn Heights. Financial assistance has been provided to the Simon’s Town Museum to cover the cost of moving the “Cornwall” stone from the mountainside to the ramp garden on Jubilee Square. The ship’s badge sculpted thereon in 1946 will be restored to its original colours very shortly. While daily cleaning of the streets and regular cleaning of the historical lanes continues together with maintenance of the town gardens we have upped our monthly contribution to the town policing to R2,000 pm. All this from the ongoing support for paid parking on Jubilee Square which also provides employment for 10 disadvantaged people. We encourage you to inspect the considerable improvments to the Town Jetty largely paid for by funds raised by Stadco by way of mooring and sundry fees. More on that next month.

Greening the town – Update from Alison James
For some years now STADCO has been helping with keeping the Simons Town public spaces around Jubilee Square in an attractive condition. One garden near Driegebroeders Road, a sandy and degraded site, was not in that group so in 2011 I adopted it, and tried to keep it looking more presentable by cleaning the area with the help of Trust and Carlos from STADCO. This site presented a challenge due to the sandy soil and the lack of water availability, but this was overcome by the use of hardy water wise plants which were planted in the winter. Even more exciting is the new ”aloe garden” near Pisces. A stone wall has been constructed and the land filled with all sorts of rocks, stones, sand and even tar. Plants came from all over – Kirstenbosch, Deon Brink, my Mother’s garden and some of your gardens too, to beautify this space. My special thanks to STADCO and the ST Civic Association for their financial donation of R250 each, used to purchase plants which provided much needed colour. Ian Howse, helped to cut and plant 2 tree aloes that will look magnificent once they are established. As pleased as I am, there is on-going maintenance needed to keep the gardens tidy and weed free. So any small donation towards their upkeep and any hardy plants from your garden would be most welcome. You can contact me, Alison James, on 0217864142. Other keen gardeners who have taken the initiative and helped beautify our open spaces include Maxi Burger (Rocklands Road), Sheila Rice (Disa Road) and Bridget Martin (Ixia Singel).

The Western Cape Government Environmental Affairs and Development Planning have appointed consultants to develop a Coastal Management Programme (CMP) for the Western Cape Province. The Simon’s Town Coastal Forum has registered as an Interested and Affected Party and will comment on this programe at the different stages of its development.

JOIN YOUR CIVIC ORGANISATION All residents and ratepayers of Simon’s Town and Glencairn should join the Simon’s Town Civic Association to support the excellent work they do for our community. Membership fees are R80 per annum per household. These can be paid at the Parking Office on Jubilee Square during office hours or by internet banking: Account holder: Simon’s Town Civic Association, Standard Bank, Fish Hoek branch, Branch code 036009, Account number 073815209. Please put “Subs, your name” as the sender. Please also notify the STCA that you have paid stcamail@gmail.com. Cheques are no longer accepted due to excessive banking fees.
STCA website and SBA website

Wednesday 28 August 2013
BARRIE GASSON: “The Adderley Street Pier”
Described as ‘the finest pier in the world’, the Adderley Street Pier was opened in November 1913 and during the inter-war years was a major attraction for visitors and local residents alike until it was closed at the end of March 1938 and fully demolished in May 1940 during the construction of the Duncan Dock Scheme and the reclamation of the Foreshore.
At the Simon’s Town Museum
17h30 for 18h00
R20 includes a glass of wine or fruit juice

7 September 2013
50’s & 60’s Party
Town Hall 19.00 for 19.30
Dress: Your choice
Cost R75pp
Bring your own picnic/refreshments
Tickets: Contact Fran at 021 786 1321 / 083 357 5822.

21-23 September 2013
Simon’s Town Spring Festival
Full program of events will be published in the local Echo newspaper and online.

If you know of, or are organising any activities and events, please email simonstownba@gmail.com so that they can be added to our Events calendar.