Fish Hoek  – The Cape Town Downwind was held in perfect ocean conditions with a stiff south Easter whipping False Bay, and the world famous Miller’s Run downwind route, into a frenzied chop, perfect for downwind open ocean surfski racing.


Jasper Mocke paddled his way to a narrow victory in what can only be described as a titanic battle of the swells.  The Fish Hoek local had to rely on all his hard earned skill and local knowledge to stay ahead of his older brother Dawid and last year’s defending champion Hank McGregor.  The three paddlers, all champions in their own right, went head to head the entire length of the race and in the end it was one swell that separated first place Jasper from Hank in second, who in turn was one swell ahead of the older Mocke, taking the last step on the podium.


Jasper Mocke. CAPE TOWN Downwind Surfski winner. Photo: Jacques Marais Images

Jasper Mocke. CAPE TOWN Downwind Surfski winner. Photo: Jacques Marais Images

“I am really, really happy with today’s win,” says Jasper Mocke. “It was a tough, close race that could have gone either way almost right until the end. I am feeling really great though and looking forward to the Fenn Cape Point Challenge taking place this Saturday.”


“It was a great race today,” says Durbanite, Hank McGregor. “We had awesome conditions and the race was super close right to the end, so hats off to Jasper on his great performance. I am really looking forward to the Fenn Cape Point Challenge this Saturday and hopefully being able to retain my title from last year.”


Despite a strong international contingent in today’s Cape Town Downwind Race, South African paddlers made a clean sweep across the race categories.   The highest place international paddler was Michael Booth from Australia who came in 6th place in the Senior Men’s. There were 35 International paddlers from 12 different countries entered from France, Belgium, Holland, Germany U.S.A, Germany, England, Dubai, Australia, Namibia, Sweden and Portugal – the French being the largest contingent with 13 paddlers.


In a champagne result Nikki Mocke stayed true to her incredible form this season and took first place amongst the women, beating Michelle Burn in 2nd place and Michelle Eray in 3rd place.  When it comes to downwind paddling Nikki has incredible skill and today’s race played right into her hands.  She had a perfect race rounding off a successful day for the Mocke name on the podium.


Nikki Mocke. CAPE TOWN Downwind Surfski winner. Photo: John Hishin - Cape Town Sport Photography

Nikki Mocke. CAPE TOWN Downwind Surfski winner. Photo: John Hishin – Cape Town Sport Photography

“Amazing conditions today for a downwind race,” says Nikki Mocke. “It was hard to remember that I was actually racing! Great to have such a strong woman’s field to compete against.”


The Cape Town Downwind is an 18km downwind course highlighting the beauty of the False Bay coastline and ensures that paddlers have to push hard the entire way.  Part of the route includes the world’s most well-known downwind paddling runs – the famous Millers Run.


The Cape Town Downwind race is aiming to be one of the premier surfski events in the world, underscoring its status by offering the richest prize purse for surfski racing in South Africa, putting it on par with international races.  Prize money equalling R200 000.00 was up for offer today, with R25 00.00 going to 1st place overall and R20 000 to the first woman over the line.


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Senior Results:

1.       Jasper Mocke                                                    R25 000.00                           1hr01min09sec

2.       Dawid Mocke                                                    R17 000.00                           1hr01min28sec  (Please see comment below – Viv)

3.       Hank McGregor                                                R12 000.00                           1hr01min30sec  (Please see comment below – Viv)

4.       Sean Rice                                                             R  8 000.00                           1hr01min38sec

5.       Matthew Bouman                                           R  6 000.00                           1hr02min15sec

6.       Michael Booth (Aus)                                       R  4 000.00                           1hr02min35sec

7.       Tom Schilperoort                                             R  3 000.00                           1hr02min54sec

8.       Dominic Notten                                                R  2 000.00                           1hr03min01sec

9.       Kenny Rice                                                          R  1 500.00                           1hr03min05sec

10.   Barry Lewin                                                        R  1 000.00                           1hr03min49sec


Under 23 Results

1.       Michael Booth                                                   R  1 500.00                           1hr02min54sec

2.       Dominic Notten                                                R  1 000.00                           1hr03min49sec

3.       Brandon van der Walt                                    R     500.00                           1hr04min16sec


Junior Results

1.       Kenny Rice                                                          R  5 000.00                           1hr03min57sec

2.       Nicholas Notten                                               R  3 000.00                           1hr06min58sec

3.       Tyrone Smolders                                              R  2 000.00                           1hr08min54sec


Ladies Results

1.       Nikki Mocke                                                       R20 000.00                                           1hr11min19sec

2.       Michelle Burn                                                    R15 000.00                                           1hr12min08sec

3.       Michelle Eray                                                     R10 000.00                                           1hr14min46sec

4.       Kim van Gysen                                                  R  5 000.00                                           1hr15min03sec

5.       Bianca Beavitt                                                    R  3 000.00                                           1hr15min27sec


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