In keeping with the City’s drive to build an Opportunity City that is committed to finding sustainable solutions, the Ocean View housing project will use the abundant Table Mountain sandstone found at the site to build solid, comfortable, resource-efficient and affordable homes for qualifying beneficiaries from Ocean View. In order to do this, local unemployed residents are being trained in the craft of stonemasonry.

“The project is pro-community, pro-skills training, consultative, ecologically responsive, pro-heritage and highlights training as a process integral to sustainable development,” said Councillor Gqada.

The Ocean View stone village “subsidy” housing project prides itself as being the first of its kind in the country due to its unique process and unusual solution of using natural materials found on site.

“This project clearly illustrates that it is possible to drive the provision of housing differently,” said Councillor Gqada.

In October 2006, the City undertook bulk earthworks on erf 683 in Ocean View. This was completed in 2011. The City then commenced with the installation of civil engineering services for 543 sites. The services were installed and completed at the end of 2012.

On Tuesday, 23 April Councillor Gqada will be conducting a site visit of the area during which she will interact with builders, trainers, trainees and community members employed as the project kicks into its developmental stages.

“Our aim is to use this development as a platform for skills development in stonemasonry, bricklaying, plumbing, carpentry, electrical installations and other sought-after skills which will empower local residents and encourage the growth of micro-enterprises, thus serving the wider region,” said Councillor Gqada.