Oscar will be running his popular Beginner Sailing Course on 8 October at Imperial Yacht Club, Zandvlei. It’s a 5 week course run on Saturdays from 10.00am-1.00pm. This course introduces kids (10-13 years old, boys and girls) to the basics of sailing. From tying your first bowline knot, knowing where the wind is coming from and how to use to get your boat going, to the inevitable, but not as bad as you think, capsize drill. 

Sailing is an all round activity which stretches your brain as much as your muscles. It is hugely social amongst youngsters and adults, especially when attending regattas at other clubs around the Peninsula. 

Book early for this popular course. 
Oscar Miles (082 575 1800 |mailto://oscar.miles@axxess.co.za | http://www.imperialyachtclub.co.za/news/novice1sailingcoursestarting)

If you have sailed previously, or are over 13 years old and would like to learn how to sail, visit http://www.imperialyachtclub.co.za/contact-us or email admin@imperialyachtclub.co.za.