The GMO Food awareness and action event in Fish Hoek on Saturday, a day when worldwide marches were held against Monsanto, was well attended by local residents. The event was organised by Kim Kruyshaar and Kyoko Kimura/Morgan of cLOVElly friends, a group of Clovelly residents who get together regularly. Guest speaker was Glenn Ashton of  the Ekogaia Foundation,  an NGO with the “aims of encouraging the use of sustainable, non-harmful alternatives to aid the world to slow and reverse its environmental decline.”


“The event was organized in support of the March Against Monsanto world-wide, but we wanted to inform ourselves more on the issue before we take to streets. All the managers of local supermarkets were invited to attend but it seems that none were present!” says Kyoko.

GE Talk at Fish hoek Library with Glenn Ashton


Glenn’s presentation may be read on


Kim in a follow-up email those that attended the email added the links that Glenn had given in his talk:


What scientists say:


“ADVERSE IMPACTS OF TRANSGENIC CROPS/FOODS: A Compilation of Scientific References and Abstracts”  []

“GM crops – the health effects.”    [] – for local and African information


She also added the following:


“Clarity with respect to GE foods in South Africa:

GE Yellow and White Maize, Soya and Cotton is grown in South Africa so unless it is labeled as GMO Free you can assume that it does have GMO content.  Note that at present sweetcorn in South Africa is GMO free.


Ongoing action:

If you regularly use products that have maize, soya or cotton seed oil contact the consumer hotline on the packaging to ask if it has GMO content and if YES then ask:


1 why it is not labelled and then insist on


2 a GMO free alternative.


This kind of pressure does get results – especially if enough of us contact the companies involved.  Nestle responded by ensuring that their baby food is now GMO free.  Purity is under pressure to find alternatives. The Health Connection has managed to source GMO free soya for their soya `milk’ powder.  They have received a number of complaints about their soya mince and chunks and are in the final stages of sourcing a supplier (sadly probably from overseas) who can provide certified GMO free soya.”