GEESE  NEWS  July  2013

          Honouring Madiba Day Thursday 18th July 2013


Madiba Day is here again and a great opportunity to do something to honour Nelson Mandela and all he did for us.   We have various suggestions as to how you might like to spend 67 minutes of your time for the benefit of others ….or in our case, the environment.


  1. The GOSLINGS are making their contribution tomorrow, Friday 12th July from 09h00 to 13h00 when they will be painting new Murals and refreshing the old ones.   It is suggested that the GOSLINGS wear old clothes and a shirt to paint in.   Also to bring drink & snacks to keep the energy flowing!   For more info phone Tara on 076 049 3854.   All adults are encouraged to visit them and encourage them.


  1. We need rocks about the size of a football!   Brad Wallace-Bradley has been tackling the middle stormwater drain that empties itself into the bottom pan just near the metal bus shelter on the Glencairn Expressway opposite the Total Garage.   He has designed and installed a netting basket to catch the litter that is brought down by the stormwater.    It is working well and the whole area is being returned to a pristine state after years of dumping of the most appalling litter, much of which takes years to rot.   But we have to tackle a further difficulty – as the force of the water exiting the pipe gauges out the soil and creates a very deep hole.   It is this hole that we wish to fill with stones  that are large enough and heavy enough to withstand the force of the water.   Stones can be dropped off any time, down beside the drainage point – preferably not left up on the road as they might develop legs and walk away!   Lots of stones are needed as there are two other stormwater drains emptying into the wetland on either side of Brad’s one.   These have been netted by the Fish Hoek Road’s Department for which we are most grateful.   But they need refining based on our experience gained from Brad’s net.


  1. 3.       Leopard Toad Breeding Season is upon us and once more we are all invited to a gathering at the Clovelly Country Club to bring us up-to-date and refresh us all in what to do when we hear that famous Harley Davidson roar that announces the breeding season.

Date:                                    Sunday 14th July 2013

Time:                                    17h00 to 19h00

Snacks & a Cash Bar

RSVP for catering   

Lifts could be arranged – phone Bromleys @ 021 782 6400

There is much more reason, this year, to be properly informed as Leopard Toad sightings have been reported throughout the year from those living and working in and around the Glencairn Strip.   We have not heard their thunderous mating call but perhaps the Harley Davidsons of the Viper Lounge and the noise of the sea have prevented us hearing it?!?!?!   We have certainly observed the results of them mating in this area so let’s see if we can pinpoint where they do actually mate.   So come to Clovelly so you know what to look for!  


  1. Vlei Maintenance:   several things need repairing:
    1. Seven new slats for one of the Stepping Stone GEESE benches – these will need to be varnished, installed and pegged.
    2. All the benches (7 & we have the tins for this) need to be fitted with Ash Tins – it has been found that when these are provided there are fewer cigarette stumps littering the ground
    3. There are six other benches + one in St Andrew’s whose slats need sanding and re-varnishing
    4. Pamela Gush has done sterling work replacing Just-Bag-It bottles for the dog walkers but other ones need refilling and smartening up – we have a new batch of signs with contents in the bag!
    5. One of the slats on the Board Walk is broken and needs replacing.   We have asked the Parks but they don’t have the resources/funds to supply.   We will get the slat along with the slats for the Bench but would value someone with a battery power tool to install them all.
    6. We are proposing to trim some of the trees at Pooh Corner with help from Lloyd Walters of Gordons.   We are doing this to make the area more visible from the road and passersby as it is once more being used as a loo.
    7. On Madiba Day proper, we will have the usual clean up:

                        Meet                          outside the Viper Lounge, Glencairn Strip, Glencairn

                        Time                          from 09h00 to 11h00 on either day

                        Refreshments            afterwards in the Viper Lounge

What to bring?         Hat, Water Bottle, Sunscreen and possibly some gloves

We will provide:       Bags and directions … & tongs for the early arrivals

As usual, we will be sending people out in twos or threes and our plan is to cover the beach, the dunes, the wetland and the surrounding roads.


So please let us know what you would like to be doing to honour Nelson Mandela  

Cilla & Rupert

Glencairn Education & Environment Support Enthusiasts

Phone 021 782 6400 :  Fax 021 782 5016 : Cell 083 610 1619

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