Forever Young Amateur Music Competition 2012 was conceived by Frank Resnik and is a pilot project aimed at showcasing the more mature amateur musician who does not necessarily have the opportunity to play live but has a passion for music and would like a musical challenge.

Most people, at some stage of their youth, learn to play a musical instrument. Many of them become very competent musicians but once they start working and ‘life catches up with them’, their instrument goes into the cupboard and stays there, not forgotten, but also not played.


Once we get into our 40’s and beyond, the urgency of building a career has often slowed down and even though we would like to start playing music again, a little incentive is what is sometimes needed to get one to open the cupboard door and start practicing again.


Having put feelers out and receiving extremely positive feedback, and having hosted a few amateur music evenings at Marika’s Restaurant, it has become apparent that there is a wealth of talent sitting at home, never being heard by anyone other than a few friends and family. We plan on changing that.


William Coates, the new owner of Ferryman’s Tavern at the V&A Waterfront has agreed to give a home to this event and we envisage the following.

  • Participants must be 40 years or older (must have turned 40 on or before August 1st 2012)
  • In the interest of fairness, participants may not be professional musicians and may not have received their main source of income making music, or from other music related services rendered to the music industry, within the past five years. (Music teachers, Sound engineers, professional Composers and Songwriters etc do not qualify)
  • Prizes include: a contract to play for an extended period at Ferryman’s * 3x eight hour studio recordings of the main winners, including a ‘demo’ CD of the completed recording * personalized iPhone covers * musical instruments and accessories including SHURE microphones and a FENDER Stratocaster guitar * Music store vouchers * restaurant vouchers * spot prizes of beer/wine/soft drinks and ’t’ shirts/caps etc for participants and audiences.


Auditions run during August and September 2012 followed by eliminations in November 2012 and two, quarter finals, a semi- final and a final all culminating in a charity awards dinner in December 2012.



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