FISH HOEK VALLEY RATEPAYERS & RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION (FHVRRA) notice of meeting on Thursday 24 May at 19:30 at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre and update of local issues pertinent to the Scenic South Peninsula and False Bay.

 CHAIRPERSON, FHVRRA: Janet Holwill, P.O. Box 22125 Fish Hoek 7974  Tel: 021 785 1328   Cell: 082 920 7306   Email

Meeting on Thursday 24 May at 19:30 – Agenda 

  1. WELCOME, Introductions and Apologies.
  2. GUEST SPEAKER:        DARRYL COLENBRANDER   TOPIC:       Sea-Level Rise – Risk Assessment and Impact
  3. MINUTES of the Annual General Meeting held on 1 March 2012 & matters arising. 
  4. COUNCILLOR’s Report.
  5. TREASURER’s Report.
  6. CHAIRPERSON’s Report.

Newsletter for May 2012

 Our Guest Speaker:

 Mr Darryl Colenbrander is the Coastal Coordinator in the City of Cape Town’s Environmental Resource Management Department.  He will make a presentation on the City’s Sea-Level Rise Risk Assessment.

The presentation will focus on the sea-level rise and storm surge work that has been undertaken by the City. This discussion will also cover the various planning mechanisms the City intends putting in place as a means to more effectively regulate development and activities that take place along the coast as a means to minimize risk into the future. The presentation will cover a suite of socio-economic and environmental impacts. 

Baboon Liaison Group

Many of us think that baboons are not in our area. However, there are 2 troops that scavenge between Ravine steps eastward to the end of Echo road, checking all houses on Highway and Hillside. Please be aware and close all windows, even small sky lights, when you go out and don’t leave your fruit bowl out to tempt hungry eyes. The neighbourhood watch continually alerts residents especially if you have a 2 way radio. Should they visit when you are at home do not be confrontational but firm when encouraging them to leave. Apparently watering them with a hose will discourage them

Our exco member Graham Child continues to liaise with the Baboon Liaison Group and reports that an electric fence has been installed round a large part of Tokai where problems arose with the baboons raiding the vineyards. So far it seems to be successful and there is talk of fencing off other parts of the peninsula where baboons are a problem. This is a rather controversial idea as many people do not like the idea of not being free to walk up onto the mountains.  

Main Road upgrade report

It is anticipated that Main Road through Kalk Bay will be open to two-way traffic up to Clairvaux Road by July 2012. The section from Clairvaux road to the Bible Institute will then commence from July to December 2012. There will be a stop-go system which will be complicated by allowing for traffic in and out of the Kalk Bay Harbour. The project team are investigating a variable messaging system to manage the available parking at the harbour.

 The provision of the underground services includes the provision of a 250 diameter sewer on the southbound carriageway to replace the existing one on the northbound carriageway. The 700 and 300 diameter water mains are to be located on the northbound carriageway which will necessitate the excavation of a significant quantity of rock. In addition the stormwater culvert will be extended to the Clairvaux intersection and new stormwater pipes and catchpits installed to drain the road and adjacent areas.  A new rider sewer will be constructed to serve the properties on the mountainside of the road and reconnected to the new sewer in the vicinity of the stormwater culvert. This work is likely to extend into 2013.

 All of the above indicates the start of an extensive period of stop-go travelling along the coast road for Fish Hoek and other Far South residents.   We will have to allow extra travelling time for at least the next 18 months.

Clovelly Pump Station

The Council is upgrading the water supply south from Clovelly to ensure that we have sufficient for the needs of the South Peninsula until 2040. They will be installing another pipeline parallel to the existing pipe along Recreation Road and ultimately across Kommetjie Road to Harrington Road. This will take a year.  At the same time the pump station at the Clovelly Rd/Main Rd intersection is being upgraded. Thanks to the forethought of our local Councillors Felicity Purchase, Dave D’Alton and Simon Liell-Cock the design of the pump station has been reconsidered and will be much more aesthetically pleasing.  Thank you Councillors.

Electricity upgrade

There will be some upgrading of the electricity supply to Simon’s Town which will result in new cables being laid from Clovelly along Hilton Road, across the Silvermine River and along to the circle at 10th Avenue.

We really don’t want load-shedding again and thoughtless and extravagant use of electricity will deplete our resources. Felicity Purchase has asked that residents try to use electricity sparingly.  It will cost you less and help the general supply for the city and the country.


The new financial year for the city begins in July and consequently rates and services will increase. Senior citizens and the disabled may apply for a rebate if your gross monthly income is less than R10500. Apply at the Civic Centre Fish Hoek.

Boreholes and Wellpoints

The City has invited residents to voluntarily register their boreholes and wellpoints with the City and receive a free sign to display the use of non-potable water and a Certificate of Appreciation for registering.  All that is required is to call in or email Nina Viljoen (021 4009964, or Sylvia Nkubu (021 400 9966 with the following details – Name, address, Erf number, contact details – and state whether you own a borehole or wellpoint and name required on the certificate.

Saving water

We need to be aware that unless we get good rains this winter we shall be in serious trouble. The City has advised that the conservation practices are not being adhered to and the consequences will be unfortunate especially for residents near the end of the reticulation system – us in the south. The city recommends the following water saving measures:

  1. Do not water gardens between 10am and 4pm
  2. Do not water gardens every day or excessively
    1. Cover swimming pools when not in use
    2. Do not wash cars using hoses without trigger nozzles
    3. Do not hose down driveways – use a broom
    4. Re-use bath and sink water to water plants and lawns
    5. Mulch your flower beds to keep them moist longer
    6. Rinse glasses, cutlery and vegetables in a basin not under running water
    7. Then re-use that water for the garden
    8. Ensure washing machines and dishwashers have a full load before running
    9. Take short showers not long baths
    10. Plant water-wise plants, they use less water

Also on the subject of water, the City has been experiencing a lot of burst pipes in the Valley over the past 3 months. Residents are urged to become more self-sufficient and install rainwater tanks where possible and keep at least 5 litres of water per person in the household per day for a minimum of 3 days. 


There have been many complaints about the service delivered by the new contractors and we are pleased to announce that the previous contractors – Evan Saayman of False Bay Recycling – have been asked to take over the current recycling contract for the Far South area as from 1st May. This is very good news especially as he provided a very good service and provides work opportunities for people from Masiphumelele. Local work opportunities are few and far between and should be encouraged.

Disaster Risk Management

The City is embarking on a disaster risk reduction exercise whereby residents are encouraged to keep records of important personal details i.e. I.D., doctors numbers, insurance policies etc. in a handy place to grab in an emergency.

Registration of cats and dogs

In an attempt to ascertain the numbers of cats and dogs in the city, the City has asked citizens to register their pets, at the Civic Centre for Far South residents. This will help the officials make plans from a health perspective and establish sustainable numbers.

Appeal for new Exco members

 Portfolios have been allocated as follows:

          Chairman: Janet Holwill

          Beach matters: Lorraine Lemmon-Warde

          Environment: Graham Child (incl. Baboon matters), Kim Kruyshaar (ad-hoc), Steve          Perrett (ad-hoc)

          Membership & Treasury: Allen Rose-Innes   

          Newsletter compilation: Janet Holwill

          Planning – Land Use: Allen Rose-Innes & Andre Rademeyer

          Security: Bob Lockyer, Steve Perrett (ad-hoc)   

          Sub-council meetings: David Henstock

          Transport: Flip Rossouw, Uga Carlini and Janet Holwill

          Ward Forum: Janet Holwill

 The portfolios of Secretary and Coordinator (General meetings and Newsletter distribution) are vacant.  Please indicate your willingness to volunteer or alternatively indicate potential candidates to Janet Holwill.  Without the filling of these positions the Exco cannot operate effectively.  Honoraria as may be necessary will be considered. 

 FHVRRA SUBSCRIPTIONS:  Annual Subscriptions (R60 per household) became due in January 2012. 

Your address label / email letter indicates the current status of your subs.

We appeal to members in arrears to pay their outstanding subscriptions.

Members unable to afford the subscription fees are advised to contact the Association’s Chairperson

(Tel: 021-785-1328), in full confidence and no obligation, to discuss a reduced fee.

 Details of our bank account and convenient points of payment for Subs:

Bank deposits or EFT payments:

Indicate: “subs-your initials-your surname” in the payment reference.

A/C Name: FHVRRA. A/C No: 374203091. Bank: Standard – Fish Hoek.

Bank Code for deposits: 036009. Bank Code for EFT payments: 051001.

Subs can also be posted to P.O. Box 22125 Fish Hoek 7974, or paid at the following establishments:

Regal Cycles, Weavers, Pennylane (Valyland) and Thundercloud Music (Sun Valley Mall).

Please note: CASH ONLY for deposits and at pay points – due to exorbitant bank fees for cheques.

DIARY NOTE: Our next Quarterly General Meeting will be on Thursday 23 August 2012