Date: THURSDAY 21 MAY 2015. Time: 19h30


  1. WELCOME, Introductions and Apologies.
  1. GUEST SPEAKER: MARTI WEDDEPOHL (Risk Reduction and Humanitarian Aid Logistics Advisor)


  1. MINUTES of the Annual General Meeting held on 25 February 2015 & matters arising
  2. COUNCILLOR’s Report.
  3. TREASURER’s Report
  4. CHAIRPERSON’s Report

     Refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the meeting.

Our Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker is MARTI WEDDEPOHL, Managing Director of Mercy Networks, an NGO specializing in the provision of Disaster Distress Relief.


Marti is accredited by the American Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and recognized by the Western Cape Disaster Management Department.


Mercy Networks was established after running refugee camps in the Far South Peninsula during the 2008 Xenophobia incidents.  Recognizing that government had limited experience and inadequate resources to effectively manage large scale disasters, Marti established a network of responders who manage incident scenes and assist with the logistic and operational management of humanitarian relief.  She specializes in teaching individuals, families and communities how to be prepared to deal with potential disasters they could experience in their daily lives.


Marti is vice-chairperson of the Far South Peninsula Community Forum.


FHVRRA Executive Committee 2015

At the AGM held on 25 February 2015 the following members were voted on to the Executive Committee (with Portfolios as assigned at the ensuing Exco meeting):


  • Allen Rose-Innes             –  Chair, Treasury and Planning
  • Janet Holwill –  Vice chair, Transport, Roads, Traffic
  • Lorraine Lemmon-Warde –  Beach, Metrorail
  • Helen O’Regan –  Membership, Administration
  • Chantal Breytenbach –  Minutes, Projects
  • Coral-Ann Viviers             –  Newsletter
  • Matthew Gray –  Planning, Development
  • Bronwyn Bewick –  Projects
  • Yann Mouret –  Safety, Security
  • Alan Lindner –  Tourism
  • Peter Burghart –  Web design, communication

CHAIRPERSON, FHVRRA: Allen Rose-Innes, P.O. Box 22125 Fish Hoek 7974

Tel: 021 782 4279   Cell: 073 559 6097   Email: 

We appeal to a member to volunteer his/her services as Treasurer.


Proposed new by-laws relating to the management of animals on beaches   

In terms of section 17 of the Local Government Municipal Structures Act, No. 32 of 2000, the public and interested parties or groups were given the opportunity to submit comments, make recommendations or provide input into the review of the demarcation of animal zones on the beach between Kommetjie and Blue Waters – beyond Strandfontein on False Bay.  The closing date for individual submissions was the 30th April.


The FHVRRA interacted with E-mail members re the Fish Hoek / Clovelly beach and only a very limited response was received from those not in favour of allowing dogs on the beach.  The FHVRRA has therefore written in support of the status quo remaining on the Fish Hoek and Clovelly beaches, namely no dogs on Fish Hoek beach between Jager walk and the “lighthouse” and dogs allowed off the leash from the “lighthouse” to the Clovelly corner.  The responsibility lies with the owners to control their dogs.  Appropriate signage at the beach entrances is required.


In due course, we will learn what the Authorities have decided.


City’s proposed budget for July 2015 – June 2016

Per the advertisements placed in the local press end March, the City proposes the following increases: Property Rates (˃R200k) + 10.8%, Electricity (Domestic) +14.5%, Refuse +8.3%, Water (single residential) + 11%, Sewerage (single residential) +11%. Comments were due by 30 April.


The FHVRRA has objected to these exhorbitant increases which show scant regard for the affordability of Ratepayers / Residents and requested that they be reduced to a level more closely related to the current inflation rate of less than 5%.  We also noted that pensioners, who make up a reasonable percentage of our community, can also only expect increases at year end from their Pension Funds in line with the official inflation rate and that, in many cases, they are on fixed incomes.

We have requested that the City should give real attention to its cost structures resulting from its bloated civil service at high salary structures and the constant use of consultants at huge expense.

We recognized that an exception may need to be made for electricity as Nersa has approved an Eskom increase of 12.7% as from 1 July for local authorities.  Here we requested that attention should be given to reducing the City’s 10% surcharge.


Ward Demarcations

The City of Cape Town per its website has posted its proposals for Ward Demarcations for the 2016 Local Elections. The prescription in respect of registered voters for 2016 is: norm per ward – 16478; maximum per ward -18950; minimum per ward – 14006.


The proposals re the FHVRRA area are as follows:

  • Ward 64: 18328 registered voters – Fish Hoek and Clovelly, plus Kalk Bay, St James, Muizenberg and Lakeside.

–     Ward 69: 18700 registered voters – Sun Valley and Stonehaven, plus Sunnydale,    Masiphumelele, Noordhoek and Glencairn


For the FHVRRA we shall therefore again only have two wards compared to the cumbersome three wards at present, which fragments Fish Hoek via a circuitous route along Recreation Road.


Beach Matters

The beach continues to draw large crowds, especially on fine days when the shark nets are deployed. Unfortunately the cloakroom facilities cannot cope and servicing on busy days is totally inadequate. A request has been made to attend to this.

Fish Hoek Beach, Photo Viv of Scenic South

Fish Hoek Beach, Photo Viv of Scenic South

The sea water quality readings are not good. Constant checks take place but the problem has yet to be solved. Recently there have been a number of toxic-looking and smelling spills. As the public noticing them do not know how to advise the authorities (especially after business hours), the FHVRRA has requested that the City place signs at the outlets with 24-hour contact numbers.


Cleaning of the beach and surrounds continues to be carried out efficiently. On days when the beach is packed the public often leave it looking like a trash heap in spite of extra bins in strategic places. Beach monitors or inspectors checking on this type of behaviour would be welcome.


There are many issues regarding the deterioration of the gardens, benches and signs along Jager Walk. An inspection walk with officials concerned should take place shortly. Graffiti is frequently painted onto rocks and walls along the walk. Once advised, the quick response from the beach manager and staff ensures prompt erasure.



Table Mountain National Park

SANParks recently presented their ten-year Management Plan for the Table Mountain National Park at public meetings. Janet Holwill (immediate past FHVRRA chairman) attended one of these meetings and has reported as follows:

  • To report vagrants, people destroying the fauna and flora on the mountain and other illegal acts call 086 1106 417. This is a City of Cape Town call centre but they will pass on the message. It seems TMNP does not have its own call centre.
  • For law enforcement you can email
  • The question of “dog cards” was raised especially why only one person is permitted to walk the dog. Apparently there is to be a “dog card” for the whole family. The same will apply to biking for families.
  • The wooden board walks were commented on and it was asked why artificial/recycled material isn’t used. Apparently it is too slippery for the paths themselves but can be used successfully for railings and benches.


Far South Peninsula Community Forum

The Far South Peninsula Community Forum has been active on the following matters:

  • Authorised development in the Far South Peninsula (by Province and the City) without adequate infrastructure investment – especially with regards to roads. Meetings have been requested with MECs Grant and Bredell;
  • Autocratic decision making at City of Cape Town Management Committee level without appropriate input by the Land Use Management Committee;
  • Non-respect of valid inputs made in respect of the new Sun Valley Centre;
  • The Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Far South Peninsula undertaken by the CSIR, due 30 April 2015.

Allen Rose-Innes will provide more information at the QGM.


Main Road Rehabilitation

The latest information received on 30 April was as follows:

  • Northern Section (Atlantic Road to Casa Labia) to be completed end June 2015
  • Southern Section (Woolley’s Pool to Clovelly). This section includes the rehabilitation of all the underground services, road realignment and reconstruction and these works are anticipated to commence October 2015 and take 12 months to complete. With some of the services already placed between the new wall and the road, two-way traffic will be maintained while work is undertaken in this section.
  • Southern Section (Kalk Bay Harbour to Woolley’s Pool). This work includes the rehabilitation of the underground services, road surface and layers and works are anticipated to commence in March 2016 and take 9 months to complete. A stop-go system will need to be in operation while the rehabilitation work is undertaken in this section.



The FHVRRA will participate in the process of establishing a skatepark to be built by the City at the Fish Hoek beach parking area.  It is anticipated that the skatepark will have an appropriate urban design perspective with a fence around it so that it can be managed.


E-mail addresses

If you are presently receiving our correspondence (newsletters, etc) by post but do have an e-mail address which could rather be used, please advise Helen O’Regan.


Note: A payment of R70 was made at ReproClinic in March 2015, but no receipt was issued.  Would the payer please advise Helen O’Regan (Tel 021 782 4268 or



Crime in the Valley

The chairman of the Fish Hoek Community Police Forum has provided us with the following input:

“Most of the crime in Fish Hoek is focused around what is called opportunist crime and usually centres around residents’ neglect and carelessness as is illustrated in the Tips below. If we were to manage to clear this type of criminal activity off our books, I think we would become one of the safest and crime-free towns in the country”.

Safety Tip #1

Leaving clothing and food on your bin for vagrants only entices them back. It also makes it possible for criminals to roam the streets posing as needy people. Regardless of your good intentions, your discarded items will probably land up littering a nearby green belt.

Safety Tip #2

Putting your bin out the night before collection encourages vagrants and criminals looking for opportunities to come into your area when you are asleep. Crime in your street will escalate, and unwelcome night-time visitors will over time become aggressive towards you as they take ownership of your street.

Safety Tip #3

Don’t leave any possessions of value in your vehicle when you are at the beach or taking a walk in the mountains. Laptops, cell phones, cameras and GPS devices are prime targets for roaming vagrants and criminals.

Safety Tip #4

Do not give hand-outs to beggars on the street. It only encourages them to ignore the help offered by social services to get them on their feet.


Give a Hand Up not a Hand Out

If you wish to give help to the needy, you can make a donation to our Victim Support Programme via the CPF account:

Name: FH Community Police Forum

Account No: 62029572345

FNB Fish Hoek – Code: 202309

Reference: Victim Support


Report all suspicious activity to your Neighbourhood Watch or to 021 784 2700 or to the Emergency Control Centre 021 782 0333.


Reporting to the Emergency Control Centre 

Problems with sewerage drainage/overflows/blockages and interruptions to the fresh water supply, including bursting pipes, appear to be diminishing through the sterling efforts of our responsible Municipal Officials who have been working tirelessly in the area!


The FHVRRA wishes to monitor any future occurrences by collecting relevant data from the Emergency Control Room. To help us help YOU, we would therefore appreciate it if, in addition to reporting any problem to the relevant Municipal Department, you would ALWAYS also report it (with your Municipal reference number) to the local EMERGENCY CONTROL ROOM – Phone 021 782 0333 – for their records and to which the FHVRRA has access. We request you to please pass this message on  to your friends and acquaintances who perhaps are not yet members of our Association.


Subscriptions: Membership: Helen O’Regan   ‘: 021 782 4268   E-mail:  +: P.O. Box 22125, Fish Hoek, 7974

Annual Subscriptions (R70 per household) became due on 1 January 2015


Your e-mail letter indicates the current status of your subs.

Members are invited to make voluntary additional donations. 


Members unable to afford the subscription fees are advised to contact the Association’s Chairperson

(Tel: 021-782-4279), in full confidence and no obligation, to discuss a reduced fee.


Details of our bank account for Bank deposits or EFT payments:

A/C Name: FHVRRA. A/C No: 374203091. Bank: Standard – Fish Hoek.

Bank Code for deposits: 036009. Bank Code for EFT payments: 051001.

Indicate: “subs-your initials-your surname” in the payment reference.


Subs can also be posted to P.O. Box 22125, Fish Hoek 7974, or paid at the following establishments:

A.P.Jones (Bedding Dept. 1st floor), Regal Cycles (Main Road) and ReproClinic (Valyland).

Please note: CASH ONLY at pay points. Add R20 for cheque and cash deposits at the bank to cover bank fees.