Fish Hoek Valley Ratepayers & Residents Association (FHVRRA) Newsletter November 2013

CHAIRPERSON, FHVRRA: Janet Holwill, P.O. Box 22125 Fish Hoek 7974

Tel: 021 785 1328   Cell: 082 920 7306   



Annual Subscriptions (R60 per household) become due on 1 January 2014


            Although the QGM held on 22 August agreed to increase annual subscriptions to R70, Exco has  decided to retain subs at R60. Members are invited to make voluntary additional donations.    


            Your address label / e-mail letter indicates the current status of your subs. We appeal to members in             arrears to pay their outstanding subscriptions and to all members to pay new subscriptions timeously.

Members unable to afford the subscription fees are advised to contact the Association’s Chairperson

(Tel: 021-785-1328), in full confidence and no obligation, to discuss a reduced fee.



Details of our bank account for EFT payments (preferred) and bank deposits:  

A/C Name: FHVRRA. A/C No: 374203091. Bank: Standard – Fish Hoek.

Bank Code for EFT payments: 051001. Bank Code for deposits: 036009.

Indicate: “subs-your initials-your surname” in the payment reference.

Subs can also be posted to P.O. Box 22125 Fish Hoek 7974, or paid at the following establishments:

A.P.Jones (Bedding Dept. 1st floor), Regal Cycles and Olive’s Menage (Valyland).

Please note: CASH ONLY at pay points. Add R15 for bank fees for cheque payments.



Our Guest Speaker:

Mr David Hurwitz, who was born and educated in Cape Town, studied commercial photography at the Ruth Prowse School of Art before running a graphic design studio for many years. Among other notable memberships he is currently a SAMSA Commercial Skipper, a registered Tour Guide (marine and land) and Chairperson of the Dolphin Action and Protection Group. He has spent his life sailing and power-boating and founded the Simon’s Town Boat Company 15 years ago.      


We are thrilled that he has agreed to show us his spectacular whale pictures at our November meeting. His photography is outstanding capturing whales in False Bay, both Southern Right and Orcas, and other sea creatures such as dolphins and sharks. David has some rare pictures of Orcas chasing and catching dolphins in False Bay and his shark pictures will keep you awake. We look forward to his presentation and urge members and friends to attend the meeting.


Beach matters

With the slow approach of summer the beach is now a special focus. Finally lights have been replaced on the Cat Walk so all can enjoy an evening stroll without disappearing over the edge of the walk in the dark. The Council, having promptly replaced them before only to have the copper wires stolen again within a few days, were understandably a little slow to respond to our requests. Please vandals don’t steal the copper again!


Lorraine Lemon-Warde our “beach lady” is constantly monitoring all matters pertaining to the beach. She reports benches broken, cleansing issues, signage, and vagrants and generally does wondrous things to ensure our beach is up to standard. Unfortunately the law-enforcement officials are stretched so thinly that they are not often around to enforce the by-laws. But as usual we should have auxiliary law enforcement over the season.


We tried really hard but did not reach Blue Flag status although 9 other Cape Town beaches did. One problem is the high ecoli count in the water at the south-east end of the beach. The monitoring done by the City’s Scientific Services reveals that the ecoli count is significantly higher than elsewhere in False Bay and the status is given as non-compliant.


We raised this issue at a recent sub-council meeting asking that a thorough investigation be made of all storm water pipes that empty onto the beach and all sewer lines and pump stations near the beach. This is a very important issue as the beach is a major attraction and dirty water is potentially a health hazard. The problem has been around for some time and various officials have looked into it, but there has been no permanent solution. In fact the problem seems to be getting worse. We understand that when the sewers overflow they overflow into the storm water but surely this must be happening far too often for such high readings to result. It seems that the sewer lines and pump stations are old and working at capacity. Perhaps it is time for a major upgrade. Whatever the cause it must be found and rectified once and for all. Our beach must have clean water quality and if the rest of False Bay, including the neighbouring beaches at Kalk Bay, St James, Glencairn and Simon’s Town are able to achieve this, then so should Fish Hoek which is a popular family beach.



The City has dealt with more than half of the 33000 objections it received during the 2012 general valuation process. It is important to note that should you pay what you think your rates should be and this is not upheld then interest will be raised on the outstanding amount. However, if you pay the new rates figure and your objection is upheld than the amount you have overpaid and interest will be credited to you.


You will be notified by the Municipal Valuer when your objection has been finalized and if you are unhappy with the result, you can appeal to the Valuation Appeal Board. The members of this Board are appointed by the Western Cape Government and are independent of the city. Valuers only visit a property if they have not received all the relevant information and when they require additional information which cannot be seen with aerial photography. Lastly, objections are dealt with area by area and not by date when the objection was handed in. For further enquiries residents are encouraged to contact the City’s call centre on 0860 103 089.


Water pipes

A new 400mm water pipe is being installed from the new Clovelly pump station across the valley to the reservoir at the top of Harrington Road. You will probably have seen the road works outside the Primary school and they are now working through Silverglades. The road works may be a little messy but this upgrade will ensure that the residents of the FarSouthPeninsula will have water security in terms of storage and supply capacity until 2040.



Recently a house in 10th Avenue caught fire and the response time by the nearby fire station was not good. The owner is distressed saying that due to the poor response time, it will now take 6 months to repair his house. It appears that the regular fire engine at Fish Hoek was at a fire in Red Hill and that a water tanker with only one crew member was left here on stand-by. Unfortunately it was not equipped to do the job and a properly equipped fire engine had to come from Constantia to put out the fire. All of which took some time – too much time. The question must be asked why a fire engine was not sent to Fish Hoek on stand-by to cover for the engine that was in Red Hill.


Far South Peninsula Community Forum

This forum is composed of representatives of all the civic associations in the FarSouthPeninsula and other bodies such as environmentalists. Instead of each civic having to deal with the City and other government departments they represent all of us and deal with issues common to all of us in the FarSouthPeninsula. This often means legislation like the Strategic Development Plan and currently the Strategic Environmental Assessment. However, they also look at large developments that impact the FarSouthPeninsula. One is the new mall being built on the site of the old Sun Valley mall. The new mall will be about twice the size of the old one and at the moment they are discussing road access, delivery routes, impact on the wetland and flow between Longbeach and the new mall, as well as the aesthetics. Sorry, there is no detail about the tenants which may be your main interest.


Baboon fences

The first electric game/baboon fence was implemented in the Zwaanswyk area and has proved very successful. The baboons have yet to work out how to get over it and the fence is largely unobtrusive and is so designed that small animals can get through it safely as the electrical charge starts one metre off the ground. Kommetjie is now considering the merits of such a fence. The main objection seems to be that the mountain will be cut off from those wishing to walk on the mountain. Of course there will be access points, but these may mean that you will have to walk some distance before you get to one. Sooner or later we will be asked to consider one for Fish Hoek, so please think about it and, if possible, have a good look at one of the existing fences.


Complaints and queries

If you have a complaint about something like a leaky water pipe, pot hole or broken street light please don’t just wait for the council to attend to it. The reality is that unless you tell them, they won’t know about it. So please email who is our sub-council manager and who will log it and forward it to the right person to attend to your problem. Useful numbers are:

  • Electrical faults – call centre 0860 103 089 or send an sms to 31220
  • Water and sanitation – call centre 0860 103 089
  • Accounts queries – 0860 103 089 or email
  • Solid waste – 0860 103 089 or email


Statistics for the City of Cape Town – 2012 (issued 21 December 2012)

We attach on the last page statistics issued by the City of Cape Town, which we believe you will find informative.


Membership Subscriptions

We appeal to members to recruit new members.  We also appeal to members to pay subscriptions  timeously and to clearly reference any eft or bank deposit payments as requested on page 1.


The following cannot be traced:

          2013.08.10  IB Payment from Annual Subs – R60. Could the payer please advise his/her identity.

 See also

Statistics for the City of Cape Town – 2012

The following statistics are to be used consistently as required with the source quoted and acknowledged.


Demographics                                                                                                                              Year
Total area 2,461 km² 2012
Population (total) 3 740 025 2011
Number of households 1 068 572 2011
Total length of coastline 294km 2012
GDP (constant 2005 prices) R203,581 Million 2011
% unemployed 23.8% 2011
Literacy – % of people aged 20+ with grade 5 education or less 5.3% 2011
Highest level of education for people aged 20+ Below Matric:  50.2%Matric:  29.6%Post Matric: 18.8% 2011
Number of libraries 103 2012
The prevalence of HIV as per Antenatal Survey 19.1% 2010
The incidence of TB in Cape Town per year Cases: 28,658 2011
Living conditions
Number of informal structures in informal settlements 129,918 March 2011
% of households living below the poverty line (<R3,500 per month) 35.7% 2011
% of households with no access to safe drinking water on site 7.9% 2011
% of households with no access to adequate sanitation on site 8.8% 2011
% of households with no access to electricity for lighting 3.7% 2011
% of households with no access to at least weekly refuse removal 6.7% 2011
Indigent population (as defined by the City of Cape Town) 232,027 households 2011
Safety and Security
Number of murders reported per 100,000 population 42 2010/11
Number of reported sexual crimes per 100,000 population 143 2010/11
Number of reported drug related crime per 100,000 population 1,207 2010/11
Number of commercial crimes reported per 100,000 population 242 2010/11
Number of police stations 60 2012
Number of fire stations 29 2012
Means of transport to work Buses: 8.0%Taxis: 16.0%Rail: 14.8%Cars: 42.9%

Motorcycle/bicycle: 0.7%

Walk: 7.8%

Number of days having particulate matter (PM10) exceedances City Centre: 1Goodwood: 19Khayelitsha: 58Wallacedene: 17 2011
Indigenous Plant Species Over 3,350  (over 190  endemic  and 450 Threatened / Red List) 2011
Number of international and domestic tourists to the Western Cape International: 1,504,698Domestic:  2.7 Million 20102010
Compiled by: Strategic Information, Strategic Development Information and GIS Department, City of Cape TownUpdated: 2012/12/21