Fish Hoek Valley Ratepayers & Residents Association 



Date: THURSDAY 27 FEBRUARY 2014. Time: 19h30



  1. WELCOME, Introductions and Apologies.


  1. GUEST SPEAKER:       MATTHEW GRAY – Architect and Urban Design Consultant   

                              TOPIC:       Safe Streets – Fish Hoek

(What the neighbourhood should watch?)


3.   MINUTES of the Quarterly General Meeting held on 21 November 2013 & matters arising

  1. COUNCILLOR’s Report

5.   TREASURER’s Report

6.   CHAIRPERSON’s Report






Our Guest Speaker:


Our speaker is Matthew Gray who has background expertise as both an Architect and Urban designer. He is a member of the FHVRRA Exco and a past chairman of the Far South Peninsula Community Forum.


His topic is Safe Streets – Fish Hoek (What the neighbourhood should watch?). He has provided the following information about his talk.


“Safety and security are central to our being.  Without a sense of safety and security we cannot speak of having any quality of life.  Not only do we want to feel safe and secure in our homes but we also want to feel safe when we go out into the public realm, when we leave our homes.  The question is how do we go about building our towns and cities to be able to maximise safety and security while at the same time trying to maximise all the others things we want and expect of our built environment.


He will argue that the solutions to this are in fact not new, because, in fact, this problem is not new.  An understanding of the history of human settlement tells us this. Furthermore, it will be argued that the solutions are, in fact, common sense and in pre-modernist times were common knowledge.  The ironic tragedy is that in modern times this common sense, common knowledge has been lost.  This talk will go briefly into the history of urbanism in the context of Fish Hoek (as well as review some of the latest changes in planning law as pertaining to our area i.e. as per the new Cape Town Zoning Scheme) and attempt to put this all into context in the interests of restoring common sense to common knowledge.  The hope is to be able to save Fish Hoek, Clovelly and Sun Valley from the fate that has already befallen so many other towns and suburbs and all in the interests of building a better, safer, more pleasant, Fish Hoek and adjacent areas for all”.


Beach matters

We have had a wonderful season so far, if almost too hot, with very little south-easter and really warm sea water, making the beach a most attractive option.


Trek fishermen on Fish Hoek beach. Photo: Viv, Scenic South

Trek fishermen on Fish Hoek beach. Photo: Viv, Scenic South

Our committee member, Lorraine Lemmon-Warde, is as ever very vigilant in doing the best she can to keep the beach looking its best. The lights along Jager Walk are still an issue but City officials are attending to it and we hope to have lights the whole way along the Cat Walk soon. Lorraine and the early morning swimmers are particularly vigilant in ensuring the cloakrooms are well maintained. Generally the beach cleaners coped very well.


The shark nets were out regularly during the school holidays but now the programme has been reduced. The reason for this is that the current permit for using the shark nets expired at the end of January but the City was expecting an extension permit until the end of April from national government. However, there are budget issues. So, in order to keep going as long as possible, it is proposed that the nets will be put out in February everyday, weather permitting, in March on Nipper Tuesdays, weekends,  Public holidays, and in April on school holidays and week-ends.


The nets will not be deployed in bad weather and/or if there are large schools of yellow tail in the bay with trekking activities. Generally the shark nets have been very successful with many swimmers grateful they can swim in safety but we are hoping for a more permanent solution as the sharks seem to be here to stay! The City officials and other interested parties are doing the best they can to seek out the very best solution and we are sure the pros and cons of the use of the nets this season will be instrumental in determining the way forward.


There were also a number of important events on the beach, two of which were the Downhill surf ski challenge and the Cape Point challenge. It was noticeable that Law enforcement and the Traffic police were out and about this season ensuring law and order. 18 000 litres of alcohol was confiscated from Peninsula beaches (all beaches not just Fish Hoek!) over the season and there have been road blocks which pick up drunken drivers and unlicensed drivers and cars.


We have had a large number of tourists in Cape Town with Cape Point registering 108 000 visitors for December.  All in all a good season in which all those concerned in the tourist industry will have benefitted.


Sun Valley Mall

A meeting was held between the developers of the mall and the City Planning department to discuss the plans. The City and local civic associations have expressed concern over the aesthetics of the building and have asked that the public are not presented with inhospitable blank face brick walls on the outside. Suggested designs have been discussed as well as parking issues, taxi access, pedestrian access and the wetlands.



A “Restore the Roodeberg” campaign has been launched in the SouthPeninsula. The Roodeberg is the mountain area on the upper part of the old Solele game reserve opposite Masiphumelele. The lower part of Solele was bought by Living Hope to extend their good work. The WWF South Africa, the Table Mountain Fund and South African National Parks have put together a campaign to raise money to buy the remaining privately owned land for incorporation into the Table Mountain National Park. For the past decade SANParks have been working to consolidate five properties in that area. To date three of the properties have been incorporated by purchase and contract, but two of the most vulnerable are still outside of the Park’s protection.  These properties are threatened with inappropriate development and alien vegetation. This is a golden opportunity to acquire these properties which are on our doorstep and offer wonderful walks and recreational facilities amid amazing fynbos.  It would be a tragedy should this campaign fall through. The conservation bodies have until the end of June 2014 to raise R9.2 million to buy the properties.


The vision is to open up this previously restricted area to hikers, dog walkers and horse riders whilst ensuring that the rich diversity of vegetation types is protected. An astounding 178 indigenous fynbos species have been recorded on the mountain of which 14 are found nowhere else in the world. A very worthwhile cause and the three conservation bodies are calling on members of the public to help them raise this money. To find out more visit or

facebook http//


Noordhoek standby quarters.

You may well know the buildings on Avondrust Circle that were previously used by the bush fire fighters and parks and gardens. They have latterly fallen into disrepair and now there is an initiative to restore them for use by local community organisations. This should be welcomed as community organisations are always searching for venues.


The Garden of Remembrance

It is to be welcomed that the Garden of Remembrance has received a much needed clean up. The plants have been pruned and shaped, lighting improved and rubbish removed. On the last Saturday of January a craft market, the Valley Market, was held there for the first time. The response was very positive with people asking for it to be held more often. Should you be interested in joining this market you may contact Sherene Doveton at


 World Wetlands day

On World Wetlands Day, Sunday 2nd February, the Western Cape Wetlands Forum will be endorsing the wetland protection and rehabilitation work being done by groups throughout the Cape, the country and the world. Without activists, committed government officials and skilled professionals who devote paid and unpaid time to protecting and retaining wetlands, more of these essential habitats would be lost through neglect or urban development. In Fish Hoek, on behalf of all the many residents who enjoy the Silvermine Wetlands, we would like to thank the Riverine Rovers and in particular Evanne and Terry Rothwell. All our local “activists” are unpaid and put in many hours of hard work. Unfortunately we, the public, who enjoy that very pleasant walk, do not support them as much as it is needed. So please think about giving a little of your time to support the Riverine Rovers (tel: 021 782 6144).


The Main Road

Last year the City appointed Vusela – a highly reputable contractor that has undertaken numerous complex high value projects for the City in the past – to complete the third and last stage of the upgrade of the Main Road from KalkBay to Clovelly and from the Labia to Muizenberg traffic lights. Unfortunately, shortly after their appointment, news was received of their liquidation. The City has moved to appoint a replacement contractor from the three remaining contractors who originally tendered. An announcement of the successful tenderer will be made shortly and it is hoped the contractor will start construction in March 2014.  It is an ill wind that blows nobody any good and in the meanwhile we have enjoyed a peaceful season with no stop/goes. A great benefit to our retail businesses as well as all our nerves!


Appeal for Exco members

On behalf of the FHVRRA, the chairman is again appealing for support from the community. The work we do affects everyone – planning issues, roads and transport, amenities such as sports fields, parks, the beach, the library, input on policies the City draft every year which affect us all, rates issues and the many environmental issues.


If you have an area of expertise or of particular interest, your input would be extremely valuable to us. We meet once a month, except December, from 6-8pm on the third Thursday of the month. Please consider joining our Exco committee and give a little to help make this the sort of community you are proud to live in.


E-mail addresses

We have a large number of members who receive our newsletters and other communications by post. A number of Civic Associations in the FarSouthPeninsula have opted for e-mail and internet communication only. Whereas we appreciate our postal membership we are sure that there may be many of you who do in fact have e-mail. Please advise Helen O’Regan by e-mail or by returning the membership form below.



             Subscriptions: Membership: Helen O’Regan – Tel: 021 782 4268   E-mail:   

                        Postal Address – PO Box 22125, Fish Hoek, 7974



 HELD ON 21 NOVEMBER 2013 AT 19H30


(Note: abbreviated to one page so as to attach the Financial Report for 2013 in the hard copy mailing)



Present: Janet Holwill (chair) + as per the attendance register (including Cllrs Dave D’Alton & Simon Liell-Cock).

Apologies: As per the apology register.


Janet Holwill welcomed everyone, especially the guest speaker, David Hurwitz, and the Councillors.

2.     GUEST SPEAKER:  David Hurwitz, Marine Tour Guide and Photographer

David Hurwitz addressed the meeting with an illustrated talk on “The 2013 Whale Season in False Bay”.  He noted that 2013 had been a good year for sightings of the Southern Right whale. He also noted that False Bay is an extensive area and that whales (other than Southern Right) are present throughout the year.  He showed beautiful photographs of orcas, dolphins and sharks.

Attendees were impressed by his photographs and his interesting comments on False Bay and gave him a rousing round of applause.



Approved and signed.



Councillors D’Alton and Liell-Cock presented and discussed various issues pertaining to the FarSouthPeninsula and more particularly the Fish Hoek area.

Their comments and questions from the floor are contained in the detailed minutes.


5.     CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT: Janet Holwill

5.1  Beach monitoring

        Janet noted the particular contribution being made by Lorraine Lemmon-Warde in respect of the monitoring of beach         matters such as lights on Jager Walk, change facilities, cleanliness, etc.


5.2  Beach water pollution

        E-coli readings for Fish Hoek beach remain high as a result of the outflow from the storm-water drain. Janet made an         appeal to the councilors that a solution be found to this problem. Without this, Fish Hoek will never qualify for Blue Flag         status which should be the target to promote Fish Hoek as a tourist attraction.


5.3  Genoa Road traffic issues

        Janet has received a large number of e-mails complaining of speeding in Genoa Avenue and the lack of pavements. The         residents have asked for speed bumps but on inspection it is apparent that the pavements have been planted by residents         which is attractive but presents a problem for pedestrians. Dave D’Alton undertook to look into the matter.


5.4  Planning Departures

We continue to receive many requests for departures which are reviewed by Allen Rose-Innes and Janet and tabled at Exco         meetings. Janet reported that Ossie Gonsalves (District Manager – Southern District, Planning & Building Development)           has requested separate meetings early December with each Far South civic association to discuss their specific planning         concerns/challenges and their wishes for the type of development in their area. The FHVRRA welcomes this approach.


5.5  New Sun Valley Mall

        There are still no detailed plans available for the development. The FSPCF has communicated with the developers but it is apparent that the developers are not involving the community at all.


  1. 6.       TREASURER’S REPORT: Allen Rose-Innes

    Allen presented a summary of the financials. Although the QGM in August had agreed to increase the annual subscription from R60 to R70, Exco had decided to rather maintain the subscription at R60 and to invite members who can afford it to make voluntary additional donations. The balance at the end of year is forecast to be ± R32 000.


7.     CLOSURE

There being no further items under General, Janet closed the meeting at 21h30, with thanks to all for attending, and invited all to stay for refreshments.