Present:  Allen Rose-Innes (in the chair in the absence of Janet Holwill) and as per the attendance register.

Apologies: As per the apologies register.


Allen welcomed everyone, especially the guest speaker, Sean Glass, and Ald. Felicity Purchase.


  1. 2.    GUEST SPEAKER:  SEAN GLASS – Civil Engineer, Cape Town City Council

Sean addressed the meeting with an illustrated talk on Transport in the Far South Peninsula – present issues and future development.  He has experience in traffic engineering, road safety engineering, traffic signal management and development control.

Sean explained how road changes are going to be made specifically to the Kommetjie Main Road.  He also explained how public transport will be improved in the Far South.  There is also a plan to put traffic lights at the Noordhoek Drive / Ou Kaapse Weg intersection and to fix the Silvermine Road / Ou Kaapse Weg intersection. These processes should take place within the next three to five years according to their engineers and plans.


Allen thanked Sean for his talk and presented him with a gift.



Approved and signed.



Alderman Felicity Purchase presented and discussed various issues.

  • Liquor Licence Application – An application for an off-sales liquor licence at the Triangle Building was not supported by Sub Council as there was an overwhelming response of objections.  Felicity further advised that the applicant was told that land use restrictions apply and that he had withdrawn his application before the Sub Council met.


  • Policies – The City is advertising four policies
  1. Cemeteries and Burial Policy for indigent people
  2. The Telecommunications Policy  (dealings with masts and such like)
  3. Planning By-Law
  4. Resorts Policy (Miller’s Point, Soetwater, Caravan Parks, etc.)


  • Storm Water and PollutionThe Council is making steady progress but residents are urged to please make sure that their rain water is not discharging into the sewers but rather into the storm water drains.


  • Problem Buildings – 19 Kommetjie Road has been dealt with but there seem to be a couple more up on Highway. Please inform council should you hear of any other problem houses in the valley so that they can be dealt with immediately and get the process going.
  • PRASA (The Metrorail component that deals with the land issues) – Comment on the basic impact assessment for their signalisation masts had been requested. They were proposing two high masts – one at St James and one at Clovelly.  Because of the negative feedback from the community PRASA have decided to take those two out of the picture for now and try to develop a more sensitive way of dealing with the ones that they would like to install along the coastal strip.


  • Ocean View MURP (Mayors Urban Regeneration Project) – This project deals with housing and other issues.  There are two major housing developments in Ocean View – Mountain View and the Infill Sites of vacant urban.  MURP deals with social and economic development issues,education, training and skills development.  The council have an arrangement with the Education Department on how to share facilities (library and sports fields).  Safety and security is an on-going issue which deals with crime and drugs, etc.  Substantial progress is being made in this area.


  • FCSC (Family Crime and Sexual Crime) – The unit has now opened in the house next to the back entrance to Fish Hoek SAPS.  It was originally in Muizenberg but was becoming a major problem for the people in the Far South as most of our incidences of crime are Ocean View and Masiphumelele related.  Felicity also mentioned that they are in the process of opening a TUTUZELA CENTRE which will be located in the old Solole property.  More information to follow with regards to this.


  • Application to turn roads around Sun Valley School into “One Way Streets” – The Sun Valley School applied for this, but as the residents in the area were overwhelmingly against the proposal, the Sub Council turned it down.


  • Solole Property – This property was acquired by the City and there will be a temporary lease on the property for Imhoff High School for about a three year period.  There will be sub-leases for a safe house and other social uses.


  • Rates Rebate – The deadline for applications is 29 August.


  • Street People Workshop – The meeting dealt with various issues regarding the street people and a study was done of all the street people from Muizenberg to the Far South.  The reason why the street people are not leaving is because the residents are giving them money.  Residents were requested not to give them money but rather to donate to organisations that can help them.


  • Spring Splash – The Spring Splash will be taking place on the 7th September 2014 starting at 12h00.  The official swim will take place at 15h00.


  • Applications for a cellular communication stations – The first application relates to a station at the water storage above Harrington Street. The FHVRRA does not want masts to be erected in residential areas and, although they had previously supported this particular location in respect earlier application, it had supported the Stonehaven Home Owners Association in their objection as this is now close to residential property.  An application had also been received from the City of Cape Town for four relay stations: MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom on the flood lights at the sports fields. The FHVRRA are in agreement with this.


  • Sun Valley Centre (Old Mall) – Initiated by the FHVRRA and the Sunnydale Ratepayers Association, the Far South Peninsula Community Forum (FSPCF) had held a meeting to review the draft drawings (provided via Ald. Purchase) of this Shoprite-Checkers development. The FSPCF is not happy with the proposals that are deemed architecturally insensitive having many blank walls.  Matthew Gray, an urban designer and a member of the FHVRRA Exco, will propose more pleasing options for them to consider.  This meeting with the City officials and Shoprite-Checkers still needs to be convened.


  • Dassenberg (now Chapman’s Bay Estate) – The Far South Peninsula Community Forum (FSPCF) met with the Chapman’s Bay developers to discuss the site.  It is a reasonably low density development and only the lower half of the site, in accordance with the authorisation, will be developed.  Traffic into and out of the estate at a dangerous corner on Ou Kaapse Weg is a major issue and FSPCF’s traffic consultant James Mc Daid will be communicating with the developers regarding this. The Sun Valley Eco Group will also be communicating with them with regards to the wetlands in the area and Loch Venus.


  • Beach Matters – Allen thanked Lorraine for her excellent monitoring of the beach and the matters regarding the area.  The garden maintenance is still a problem so it is proposed to approach the Fish Hoek garden club for assistance.


  • Teenager Activities – Chantal has been working on a project with regards to activities for the teenagers in the valley.  She had done a survey of Fish Hoek High School pupils and had received many different suggestions for entertainment.


At Allen’s request, Chantal identified these and indicated that she is working on a system with Council to see how and where some of these activities could be amalgamated into one area.


  • Planning Departures – A multitude of applications are being dealt with especially in view of the densification permitted by the City’s Integrated Zoning Scheme and the requests for second dwellings.  People are now altering their homes to allow for multi-generation living. FHVRRA are not the ultimate judge for these applications but we do offer input.


  • Membership – Memberships are still declining but Allen thanked Helen for doing a fantastic job with communicating with members.


  • Allen presented a summary of the financials.


  1. 7.    GENERAL / Q&A
  • Question – Yann Mouret asked what was happening with the Law Enforcement Auxiliary Programme.

Ald. Purchase said that the person that was supposed to set it up had been on leave but is now back and it should take no longer than another two weeks for this to be set up and organised.


  • Hennie van der Walt (Fish Hoek CID) wanted to add to what Felicity had said concerning people living on the streets.  He said that the man that sits in the wheelchair outside the FNB on the Main Road had been approached and asked to leave.  He had refused to leave as he collects around R300.00 per day begging on the street.  Hennie also wanted to point out that there are official car park attendants who wear blue bibs with CPF emblazoned on the back.  These identified attendants have been cleared by the police and are employed by the CID to watch over the vehicles in the parking areas.  Please do not give to the guys that are wearing yellow or orange bibs as most of these people are criminals and are working there illegally. These unauthorised people have been known to be aggressive.


  • Question – How do the residents get rid of the Papa Jo’s establishment on the Main Road?  Felicity said that if there are valid objections they need to be lodged with the Sub Council and with the Liquor Officer (W/O Middleton) at Fish Hoek SAPS.  People need to complain otherwise nothing will be done about these problem establishments.

Fish Hoek SAPS Email:

Sub Council Email:


Comment – David Anderson mentioned that he went into Papa Joe’s on Sunday at 12h00.  No food was served to patrons drinking in the establishment.  The only food that is offered is a plate of chips.

Felicity said that their primary business must be to provide patrons with food. Felicity mentioned that every liquor licence has to be renewed on an annual basis.  If enough complaints are lodged, their licence would not be renewed.


  • Question – Could the pedestrian traffic lights please be monitored as when the elderly are trying to cross the road, the light changes too quickly?  The motorists then just start driving and do not let the people cross.

Felicity said that she will definitely look into that as soon as possible.

Eve Anderson suggested possibly putting a pedestrian crossing/traffic lights where the Arcade crosses over to the Standard Bank as most of the elderly struggle when having to cross the Main Road and find it problematic having to walk to either end of the Main Road to the available crossings.

Ald. Purchase will look into it.


  • Tony Bullock (Chairman of the Fish Hoek CPF) asked if people would please not put their dust bins out for collection before 06h00 on bin day.  Bin availability encourages the street people into the area and their presence often results in a mess in the roads.  Many criminals accompany the bin pickers and are looking at properties for opportunities to break in.  Please be vigilant about this. This is the responsibility of the residents.


  • Allen reported that the FHVRRA raised R240.00 for the Fish Hoek Museum from the May meeting. The EXCO gave an extra R200.00. A total of R440.00 was handed over as a donation to the Museum. The donation box is at the entrance again should anyone feel that they would like to donate to the museum as they are in desperate need of funds.


  1. 8.    THANKS
  • Allen thanked Nic Marais (U3A) for supplying the sound system.
  • Allen reminded everyone that the car guard outside had been paid but if anyone wishes to give him an additional tip for staying so late, please feel free to do so.
  • ·         Allen thanked the Girl Guides for their friendly refreshment service and noted that the FVRRA was pleased to make a donation to their funds.


  1. 9.    CLOSURE

Allen closed the meeting at 21h30 with thanks to everyone for attending and invited all present to stay for refreshments.