Fish Hoek start national surf lifesaving champs in style

Durban – Defending champs Fish Hoek Surf Lifesaving Club (SLC) fired an ominous early warning shot at their South African Surf Lifesaving Championships rivals on Thursday’s opening day of at Durban’s Addington Beach as the Cape based outfit raced ahead on three day event’s leaderboard despite the testing, sometimes painful, conditions. 	  Marine SLC member Jade Pelser lunges for victory in the U19 Girls flags race on the opening day of the South African Surf Lifesaving Champs which take place at Addington Beach in Durban from Thursday 21 March to Saturday 23 March..Graham Topfoto/ Gameplan MediaDurban’s North-Easter, which started at a moderate 10 knots, gathered momentum throughout the day and brought not only very choppy and difficult surf conditions with it but thousands of tiny bluebottles as well.

The blue, stingy critters’ invasion of Durban bay forced organisers to take a momentary break in surf based events midway through proceedings, however, upon resumption, it was the Fish Hoek junior girls double surfski crews who took the event by storm with recently crowned Varsity College SA School Surfski champ, Kirsten Flanagan, and best friend and regular doubles partner Amy Hare leading home a first, second and third combination for the club, kick starting the powerhouse’s title defence in a big way.

The junior girls success was soon followed up by their club mates in the senior women’s board race as Kim van Gysen, Anna Notten and Samantha Murray (all Fish Hoek SLC) claiming first, third and fourth will KZN’s lone ranger Michelle Burn (Umhlanga Rocks SLC) claiming second.

The Fish Hoek attack was relentless throughout the day with the senior women also going on to claim first and second place in both the senior women’s board relay and tube rescue events with KZN’s Umhlanga Rocks SLC and Marine SLC claiming a third place finish in the same races respectively.

The senior men’s surprise package of the day was Umhlanga Rocks SLC who, after Ryan Brennan clinched the men’s board title and a series of strong flags performance, surged into second place overall in the senior competition whilst the Eastern Cape’s Kings Beach SLC – the unknown quantity in the junior section – put together countless top results throughout the day which saw them finish second on the junior log, behind a remarkably strong Fish Hoek, after day one.

Host club Marine SLC, who are also celebrating their 50th anniversary at the champs, put in steady performances throughout the opening day with big name competitors Matt Bouman and Paul van Achterbergh having solid outings.

The pair will however look to leave their mark on the event on day two as they go head to head in Friday’s prestigious Senior Men’s Ironman event, and their fellow club members look to grab crucial points throughout the second day’s more ski orientated schedule – a strength of the local establishment.

The majority of the contest will however be contested in similar conditions to those of day one as the North-Easter is predicted to blow for much of the champs and the first break only expected around lunchtime on Saturday.

The 2013 South African Surf Lifesaving Championships are hosted by Marine Surf Lifesaving Club and take place from Thursday 21 March to Saturday 23 March at Addington Beach with the South African Masters Surf Lifesaving Championships having preceded the event on Wednesday 20 March.



Open Female Beach Flags
1 Kim van Gysen (Fish Hoek)
2 Michelle Burn (Umhlanga Rocks)
3 Anna Notten (Fish Hoek)

Open Female Board Relay
1 Eloise Horne/Anna Notten/Kim van Gysen (Fish Hoek)
2 Kendall Alford-Loots/Brynde Fisher-Jeffes/Samantha Murray (Fish Hoek)
3 Natalie Beuster/Michelle Burn/Tayla van Straaten (Umhlanga Rocks)

Open Female Rescue Tube Rescue 
1 Kendall Alford-Loots/Katarina Kern/Angie Mouden/Samantha Murray (Fish Hoek)
2 Elke de Jongh/Eloise Horne/Robyn Smith/Kim van Gysen (Fish Hoek)
3 Carmel Billson/Natalie Morton/Jade Pelser/Jenna Ward (Marine)

Open Male Beach Flags 
1 Ryle de Morny (False Bay)
2 Travis Slier (Warnadoone)
3 Simon Vickers (Umhlanga Rocks)

Open Male Board Race 
1 Ryan Brennan (Umhlanga Rocks)
2 Adam Nisbet (Suncoast Pirates)
3 Brandon Ribbink (Durban Surf)

Open Male Board Relay 
1 Ryan Brennan/Donald Brierley/Matthew Moon (Umhlanga Rocks)
2 Matthew Bouman/Barry Lewin/Paul van Achterbergh (Marine)
3 Shaun Dias/Gareth Dias/Brandon Ribbink (Durban Surf)

Open Mixed Double Ski 
1 Ashley Carstens/Kim van Gysen (Fish Hoek)
2 Matthew Bouman/Tahne Bush (Marine)
3 Samantha Murray/Thomas Schilperoort (Fish Hoek) 

Junior Female Double Ski 

1 Kirsten Flannagan/Amy Hare (Fish Hoek)
2 Lisa Cowling/Kirsten Gelderblom (Fish Hoek)
3 Jodi Cleworth/Candice Murray (Fish Hoek)

Junior Female Rescue Tube Rescue
1 Natalie Billson/Lauren Billson/Tara van der Venter/Christie Vaughan (Summerstrand)
2 Samantha Alford/Jodi Cleworth/Lisa Cowling/Donna Murray (Fish Hoek)
3 Michaela Ferreira/Georgia Hannan/Sarah Lunn/Samantha Rowe (Suncoast Pirates)

Junior Male Double Ski 
1 Craig Flannagan/Kenny Rice (Fish Hoek)
2 Calvin McKie/Keegan Murugan (Durban Surf)
3 Cameron Coleman/Jason Ward (Marine)

Junior Male Rescue Tube Rescue
1 Craig Flannagan/Kenny Rice/Shanti Stewart (Fish Hoek)
2 Cameron Coleman/Brendan Sharp/Jason Ward (Marine)
3 Sam Forder-Harris Mark Keeling/Jonah Paarman (Fish Hoek)

Under 15 Female Beach Flags 
1 Lara Odendaal (Kings Beach)
2 Natasha Radford (Suncoast Pirates)
3 Natercia Dos Santos Niz (Durban Surf)

Under 15 Female Beach Run 
1 Caitlyn de Lange (Marine)
2 Tamryn Montgomery (Durban Surf)
3 Christine Boswell (Woodridge)

Under 15 Female Board Race 
1 Tamryn Montgomery (Durban Surf)
2 Lara Odendaal (Kings Beach)
3 Kim Rasmussen (Fish Hoek)

Under 15 Female Ironwoman 
1 Tamryn Montgomery (Durban Surf)
2 Tayla Mottram (Marine)

Under 15 Male Beach Flags 
1 Aiden Jones (Summerstrand)
2 Matthew Anderson (Llandudno)
3 Bradley Odendaal (Kings Beach)

Under 15 Male Board Rescue 
1 Mark Keeling/Jonah Paarman (Fish Hoek)
2 Sam Forder-Harris/Jarod van Blerk (Fish Hoek)
3 Blake Kelly/Craig Willars (Big Bay)

Under 17 Female Beach Flags
1 Micaela Smith (Kings Beach)
2 Hannah Mulckhuyse (Kings Beach)
3 Caroline Sparks (Llandudno)

Under 17 Female Beach Run 
1 Carey Glover (Umhlanga Rocks)
2 Kirsten Flannagan (Fish Hoek)
3 Diaksha Bramdeo (Suncoast Pirates)

Under 17 Female Board Race 
1 Kirsten Flannagan (Fish Hoek)
2 Amy Hare (Fish Hoek)
3 Jodi Cleworth (Fish Hoek)

Under 17 Female Ironwoman 
1 Kirsten Flannagan (Fish Hoek)
2 Amy Hare (Fish Hoek)
3 Jodi Cleworth (Fish Hoek)

Under 17 Male Beach Flags
1 Jethro Bloch (Fish Hoek)
2 Rolf von der Meden (Marine)
3 Tristan Lasevicius (Kings Beach)

Under 17 Male Board Rescue
1 Christian Fraser/Matthew Petzer (Kings Beach)
2 Daniel Jones/Kurt van Staden (Summerstrand)
3 Greg Aubin/Dale Kotze (Kings Beach)

Under 19 Female Beach Flags 
1 Jade Pelser (Marine)
2 Tarryn Koen (Summerstrand)
3 Roxy Keder (Llandudno)

Under 19 Female Beach Run 
1 Tarryn Koen (Summerstrand)
2 Roxy Keder (Llandudno)
3 Courtney Boswell (Durban Surf)

Under 19 Female Board Race 
1 Candice Murray (Fish Hoek)
2 Brynde Fisher-Jeffes (Fish Hoek)
3 Samantha Rowe (Suncoast Pirates)

Under 19 Female Ironwoman
1 Lisa Cowling (Fish Hoek)
2 Candice Murray (Fish Hoek)
3 Brynde Fisher-Jeffes (Fish Hoek)

Under 19 Male Beach Flags 
1 Cameron Hoffer (Umhlanga Rocks)
2 Jason Collier (Summerstrand)
3 Calvin Stott (Winklespruit)

Under 19 Male Board Rescue 
1 Marno Langeveldt/Sipho Luthuli (Marine)
2 Christopher McGlynn/Calvin McKie (Durban Surf)
3 Logan Clarke/Roger Mumford (Umhlanga Rocks)