Recent additions to stock: May 2014


Alice Hoffman                                  The museum of extraordinary things.  

Alice Hoffman

Barbara Nadel                                 Body count


Barbara Taylor Bradford              Cavendon

Cathrina Ingelman-Sundberg     The little old lady who broke all the rules

Charlie Higson                                The fallen (teenage) The latest in The enemy series.

Chris Bohjalian                               The sandcastle girls

Danielle Steel                                  Power play

Donna Leon                                    By its cover

Donna Leon


Helena S. Paige                              A girl walks into a bar. A girl walks into a wedding. Two erotic, choose your own adventures. “Saucy but not seedy”


Jjumpa Lahiri                                  Lowland. Shortlisted for the Booker prize 2013. Two brothers bound by tragedy; a fiercely brilliant woman haunted by her past; a country torn by revolution. A powerful new novel–set in both India and America–that explores the price of idealism and a love that can last long past death.

Jo Nesbo                                          The son

Joanne Harris                                 The gospel of Loki. Her first Norse gods novel for adults, a first-person narrative of the rise and fall of the Norse gods – retold from the point of view of the world’s ultimate trickster, Loki.

Joan harris

John Green et al.                              Let it snow (T)

John Green                                      An abundance of Katherines (Teenage +) Two more titles from the author of The fault in our stars.

Jojo Moyes                                      1 plus 1


Justin Fox                                        Whoever fears the sea. Justin Fox is a notable South African travel writer and photographer who specializes in going to strange and interesting places. It seems the same holds true of his fiction. Whoever Fears the Sea is not actually a pirate book. It’s rather a celebration of maritime East Africa. It’s about dhows and the incredible flowering of African sail over the last 1000 or so years. Today’s pirates are merely a part of this great tradition.

Justin Fox

Margaret Forster                             The unknown bridesmaid

Nathan Filer                                     The shock of the fall

Neil Gaiman                                     Mr Punch (graphic novel).

A dark and frightening fully painted novella, tells the tale of a young boy’s loss of innocence results from a horrific confrontation with his past.

Mr Punch

Patrick Ness                                    More than this

Rosie Thomas                                The illusionists

Samantha Hayes                            Until you’re mine

Sarah Lotz                                        Exhibit A

Paula Marais                                    Shadow self


Paula Daly                                        Keep your friends

Tracey Guzeman                            The gravity of birds

gravity of birds

Katie Fforde                                     The perfect match

Nora Roberts                                   The collector

Non Fiction:

Cay Garcia                                       Behind palace walls: life in the service of a Saudi princess

Chris Power                                     Incredible waves. Incredible Waves is a tribute to the beauty and power of the ocean at its most spectacular.



Ina Paarman                                                West Coast cookbook

Marianne Thamm                           To catch a cop. This book is an account of Paul O’Sullivan’s role in helping to not only nail South Africa’s most powerful policeman, but also the world’s top cop.


Muzi Kuzwayo                                 Black man’s medicine

Paul T. Mason                                 Stop walking on eggshells (rebuy)

Zakes Mda                                        Sometimes there is a void

Jade Davenport                              Digging deep. The history of the mining industry in South Africa, and also the story of how mining gave rise to modern South Africa and how it compelled the country to develop and progress the way in which it did. It also incorporates the stories of the visionary men – Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Beit, Barney Barnato, Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, Sammy Marks and Hans Merensky – who pioneered and shaped the development of the industry on which modern South Africa was built.

digging deep

Nora T. Gedgaudus                       Primal body, primal mind: beyond the Paleo diet for total health and a longer life.