Fish Hoek High School and friends are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in December 2012.  In doing so they aim to be the first school in the Far South to summit the highest free standing mountain in the world. Despite raising money through life saving duties, painting houses, selling beanies and running raffles some members of the group are still in need of much required funds to make this epic adventure happen, and we are asking the businesses and members of the community if they could help towards this in any way. If you would like to adopt, sponsor or make a donation towards any member of the team it would be very much appreciated. See details below.

Meet the Fish Hoek High Kili Challenge Team Members

Ryan Hudson:

There is one major outdoor accomplishment I want to achieve and it is summiting Kilimanjaro. I want to go on this trip as it is a one in a lifetime opportunity and the climax of my love for the outdoors. Photo on LHS


Josh Baretta:

I knew that someday I would climb to the top of Kili.  I have always been one to seek adventure and I thrive in the midst of my next big challenge. It is going to be an experience that I will never forget.  Photo on RHS


Steve Mitchell:

Like most of us my answer was always…one day. Well, I feel that day has come, and I must do all I can to make it happen.   And I cannot ask to do it with a nicer group of people than the learners and friends from Fish Hoek High School. Photo on LHS


Scott Gray:

It’s exciting and I want to be part of the first school in the Far South to climb the highest mountain inAfrica. Kilimanjaro is so awesome you sometimes wonder if it’s possible for man to climb it. It’s an opportunity that one just cannot turn down. Photo on RHS


Jonathan Buitendag:

I have always been an eager hiker and love adventure and the outdoors. This has been a dream of mine and I look forward to making my dream become a reality. Photo on LHS


Liam Swanson:

Ever since I was 13 years old I have said to myself: “One day I am going to summit Kilimanjaro”.  Now that opportunity has presented itself and I feel I must do everything in my power to achieve this.  Opportunityknocks silently and I am trying to answer the call.  Photo on RHS


Mark Kraus:

I am at the stage in my life were I am looking for an exciting adventure and as a keen hiker I am hoping the trip to climb Kilimanjaro will be that once in a lifetime adventure. Photo on LHS


John Watermeyer:

The climb was presented as a worthwhile and rewarding challenge which I could not resist.  Kilimanjaro is a very interesting mountain for a geographer and an incentive to get fit. It has proved an excellent way of getting out of my rut.  Photo on RHS

Claudia Doddemeade:

Chelsea came home with a note from the school about a Kili briefing and she was quite excited. It was Chelsea’s enthusiasm that swayed me in the end and the thought of doing something so challenging and sharing the experience with my daughter was an opportunity I simply couldn’t pass up.  Photo not available at time of going to press.


Chelsea Doddemeade:

I am a Girl Guide and I have always wanted to climb Kilimanjaro and fly the guide flag from the highest point in Africa.  Now the opportunity has come and I am climbing it with my mom. It’s going to be special for both of us.














Or if you use a Laundry Service consider the Laundry Hut who will donate to the Kili Challenge till end of October.

The Laundry Hut service would like to assist Fish Hoek High School and the Kilimanjaro adventure under the leadership of Mr Mitchell.  Our goal is to raise R10,000.00!!! between now and October month end.

For every 5kg wash and dry that we do at a charge out rate of R45.00, R20.00 will be donated to the school Kili Challenge!!

This means that we will need 500 (five hundred) washes to raise R10,000.00 over seven weeks – only 71 washes a week!!!

Your wash and dry will be recorded in a separate book whereby you will sign your name into this book as confirmation that you would like your wash and dry to make a R20.00 contribution.

This is a tough challenge for us and our small Laundromat service, however, climbing the highest mountain in Africa is a challenge we can relate to and aspire to make a difference by supporting Fish Hoek High School in our small way.

THE LAUNDRY HUT located at Triangle Square Building, Fish Hoek, opposite Shoprite entrance is under new management as of 1st September 2012.   Contact Clinton or Gus on 082 07 8191 / 082 771 3336

KimK 16 September 2012