Saturday 22.05.10 was a glorious day: still, clear and with some morning mist in the valleys.

I took the Teddies and their Dads up Elsies Peak that morning.  The Teddies are the very junior Girl Guides: 4 1/2 to 7 year olds. It was clear all the way to the top, but just as we got there, mist drifted into the Glencairn Valley.

The low sun cast our shadows as long, thin triangles onto the mist, then the rays were diffracted around the tip and gave us all a halo of a double rainbow!

This is called the Brocken Effect after a mountain in Germany where is happens frequently, and it used to be associated with the supernatural.  Even though there is a perfectly logical explanation now, it was still a magical moment for us!

 Eva van Belle

Ed’s Comment:  Eva, you have connected some dots for me.  The Brocken is the tallest Mnt in the Harz range to the South East of Hanover, Germany.  It is reputed to be the home of witches (good and bad) and a centre for magical energy.  Now I know why!!!