The “Keep Fish Hoek Beautiful” campaign and is planning to get Fish Hoek businesses Hoeked on Green “.  

The initiative is being launched in 2010 with a pilot project to identify what green initiatives are appropriate for the Fish Hoek CBD.  How will we know?  By asking the Fish Hoek business people themselves. 

To this end, the checklist below is being distributed to the Fish Hoek CBD to find out what steps local business is taking to provide services and products that are environmentally responsible.  The intention is to grow awareness about environmentally responsible business practice and to encourage businesses to become `Hoeked on Green’ .  This will not only save businesses money in the long run, but will give them a market advantage as the increasing numbers of  consumers asking for environmentally friendly products and services consciously choose businesses with a reputation for being  Hoeked on Green.   

 `Hoeked on Green’  tips are also being identified as a guide to some of the environmentally responsible actions that businesses can take.   Please to send us your tips.   

If you are a `Green’ business offering a service such as recycling, solar energy, environmental audits, green cleaning products etc, contact us to discuss advertising your business on the Scenic South Website Green Directory:  email

 Click here to see the Hoeked on Green checklist

`Hoeked on Green’ Tips:

Going Green with small steps does make a difference.   Consistently reducing the amount of energy and water our businesses use and the amount of waste they produce can make a big difference, both to the environment and to our bank accounts.  Business as usual is not a sustainable model and procrastination could end up being not just a thief of time but of life.

Do an energy audit to get a clear understanding of what is consuming energy.  Only then can you make informed decisions about energy efficiency and what appliances should be replaced, which don’t need to be on 24/7 and what alternatives can be put in place to save energy and money.
Turn off equipment, computers and lights when not in use!
Replace incandescent lights with florescent lights, LED lights or CFLs.
Investigate and install an alternative energy system, e.g. solar, wind or biogas.
Recycle your Computer waste.
Encourage communication by email – and don’t print unless essential – then print back to back.
Change the default setting on your typing programme to reduce the margins and save paper. 
Choose suppliers who have reduced the packaging of their products and who use packaging that is recyclable.
Find a local recycler who will collect your recyclables.
Do a water audit to get a clear understanding of where you are using water and where you can save water and money.
Repair dripping taps. (One drop wasted per second wastes 10,000 litres per year.)
A pressure head fitted to hoses cleans but uses less water.
Actively search for greener products and services and ask your suppliers for greener products.
Clean with `green’.  A wide range of green cleaning products are available.
Buy quality appliances that are energy and water efficient and not designed with `built-in- obsolescence’ in mind.
Refurbish before you replace unless the furniture or appliance is inefficient ito energy and water use.



  A big green high five to the Fish Hoek Arcade Pick n Pay family store for their new `Recycling Center ‘ .  

Locals now have somewhere convenient to take their old CFL light bulbs, batteries, ink cartridges and plastic bags.   The former three contain varying amounts of heavy metals which are extremely harmful to the environment and which also have serious implications for our health when they are not responsibly disposed of.  Get into the habit of collecting your old CFL light bulbs, batteries, ink cartridges and plastic bags and remember to take them with you when you go to Pick n Pay Fish Hoek.