Present:  Janet Holwill (Chair) and as per the attendance register (including Cllrs Felicity Purchase, Dave D’Alton and Simon Liell-Cock).

Janet Holwill welcomed everyone, especially the guest speaker, Louise Stafford, and the Councillors.


  1. 2.     GUEST SPEAKER:  LOUISE STAFFORD – Invasive Species Coordinator

Louise addressed the meeting with an illustrated talk on “Invasive Plant and Animal Species Management”. Louise pointed out that not all invasive species are in fact alien. She spoke about how certain plants are invading the valley and surrounds. Alien vegetation is not only a Council problem but our problem as a Community and we need to work together at keeping it under control. The City spent R20 million removing alien vegetation over the past year.


House crows are also a main concern for the city as they are carriers of various viruses which cause diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery and salmonella poisoning.  The birds are prolific breeders, opportunistic feeders and aggressive competitors that pose a nuisance to indigenous bird and animal species and health hazard to humans. There are now approximately 10 000 house crows throughout the Cape metropole and drastic action is required to halt the increase in numbers.



Approved and signed.



Councillor Felicity Purchase presented and discussed various issues.


  • New Mayoral Committee Members – With the recent general elections, two previous Mayoral Committee members have been promoted to National Parliament. She identified the present Mayoral Committee.


  • Draft Municipal By-Law – The Draft Municipal By-Law proposes changes to the property planning and development environment in Cape Town.  A tougher approach to the enforcement of land use, building and development regulations is contained in the document.  This will have an impact on the City’s Human settlements programmes.  It makes provision for emergency housing needs resulting from disasters such as fires and floods but also for urgent general housing.  The Draft Municipal By-Law has been put out for public participation.  The closing date for the submission of comments is Tuesday, 24 June 2014.


  • Award for Top Municipality: Water and Electricity Services – The City has been recognised as the top municipality for water and electricity services at the African Utility Week Awards event.  It was stated that the City has excelled in improving services delivery and demonstrated the minimisation of costs through the application of turnkey solutions and increased revenue collections.  In this financial year, 64% of the City’s budget will be spent on the provision of services to historically disadvantaged communities.


  • Emergency Services: Fire and Rescue – There was close to a 25% reduction in the number of incidents reported to the City’s Fire and Rescue Service over a five-month period, during what is traditionally known as the “fire season”.  This improvement is a result of continued equipment upgrades and a dedicated awareness campaign fostered by the Fire and Life Safety educators. Investigations into the causes of the fires have shown that negligence continues to be a significant factor. This includes illegal or overloaded electricity connections and open flames being left unattended.


  • Consumer Satisfaction Survey – The South African Customer Satisfaction Index measures the level of satisfaction that consumers of municipal services experience.  The City of Cape Town achieved a score of 71.8%, the highest score achieved by any municipality. Most of the complaints that were logged were related to water and electricity, potholes, general maintenance and cleanliness. While there is still work to be done, the City is committed to making a fundamental difference to people’s lives through its service delivery, including basic infrastructure improvements, to ensure that roads are fixed, lights are working and water is accessible.


  • Expanded Public Works Programme – The expanded Public Works Programme has employed 18 000 people on 555 different projects.  The City has employed a new Head of Investment to promote job creation and align the City’s and Province’s economic agenda.


  • Public Transportation –The City, Province and Golden Arrow Bus Services have signed memoranda of understanding to work towards providing for one ticket, one timetable and an integrated bus service.


  • Safety and Security – A new batch of Metro Police officers took their oath this past month and they have been deployed throughout the city. This marks another milestone in creating a safer city for all residents.  Law Enforcement has also been given permission to work on a shift basis to improve services.
  • Tourism – Arrivals in Cape Town have increased by 65% bringing in a R1.9 billion spend over the past four years.  The City is actively cultivating tourism.


  • Disaster Risk Management – The Disaster Risk Management team is making preparations for the approaching winter season and is focusing on poorer areas. Residents are requested to report blockages, illegal dumping and vandalism and to keep drains cleared in order to prevent flooding.


  • Illegal Dumping – The City has launched an illegal dumping awareness campaign.  It costs the City R274 million annually to clean waste that has been illegally dumped.  This, despite the fact that there are 25 drop-off facilities across the Metro designed to make responsible waste management convenient.


  • Shark Exclusion Net – The shark net trial period is over.  The net was deployed 130 times and resulted in only one casualty, a cormorant bird.  A report will now be submitted to Council to apply for the necessary permissions to continue with the project on a more permanent basis.


  • Acknowledgement: Steve Perrett – Janet presented Steve with a gift and made him an Honorary Member due to the 20 years of service that he has given to the FHVRRA. 


  • Beach Pollution – Janet reported that when the Two Oceans Marathon had finished most of the little blue packets handed out to the runners went into the storm water drains and either blocked them or were washed into the sea. This was reported to Old Mutual and the other sponsors of the race.


  • Lights on Jager Walk – Janet thanked Council for the lights along Jager’s Walk, the only problem being that some poles had been erected directly in front of some of the houses.


  • Unnumbered Houses – Janet pointed out that there are many houses in the valley that do not have numbers on them. This makes things very difficult for Allen and Janet when they need to review building plans; also  this could be critical if, in the event of accident, the ambulance needs to find your house.


  • Reporting to the Municipality – Janet asked everyone to please report any problems to the municipality.  If you don’t report it, no one is going to notice it. The easiest is to email Desiree Mentor directly at and then to follow up to make sure that the report is attended to.


  • New Sun Valley Mall – Janet asked the Councillors if they had any news with regards to the new mall.  Cllr Purchase responded saying that plans had come in but were not in accordance to the suggestions made. This will now need to be evaluated further.


  • Teenage Activities – Chantal has been working on a project for the teenagers in the valley and is canvassing F/H High School for their input. We are looking at a skateboard park as one of the options. It could include a trampoline section and/or a trim park. Any input would be greatly accepted.


  • Allen presented a summary of the financials. He mentioned that membership has dropped as older members relocated or ‘moved on’. We need to make the valley more aware of the FHVRRA.


  1. 7.     GENERAL / Questions and Answers


  • Question – Mr Dale:  The current bus service is a shambles and inaccessible to anyone that is disabled.  There is also never any information when you need it.  Cllr Purchase replied by saying that within the next 5 years Council will have taken over and a MYCITI bus service will be running.


  • A member noted that her sister from overseas was very shocked to see the condition of our streets and pavements in the valley. They are very cracked, uneven, broken, etc. Cllr D’Alton replied by asking residents to please contact him or Desiree with specifics as to street/pavement damage so he can attend to it. Cllr Purchase mentioned that every person is responsible for their own verge/pavement. If it is broken/cracked and needs repairing, it is up to the resident to log a complaint so that it can be fixed.


  • A member noted that people don’t walk on pavements and are walking on the streetsHe feels that this is because of the dog mess left on pavements, cars parked on pavements, or just badly maintained pavements.  Janet responded saying that they will look into starting a “Pavements Project”.


  • There is a donation box where we are collecting donations for the Fish Hoek Valley Museum. They are running very short on funds and donations are greatly needed. Post meeting note:  R240 donated.


  1. 8.     CLOSURE

Janet closed the meeting at 21h10 with thanks to everyone for attending and invited all to stay for refreshments.


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