Newsletter for February 2013 

Prepared by the EXCO Committee of FHVRRA.






Date: THURSDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2013. Time: 19h30




 1.    WELCOME, Introductions and Apologies.



3.     MINUTES of the Quarterly General Meeting held on 29 November 2012 & matters arising 

4.     COUNCILLOR’s Report.

5.     TREASURER’s Report

6.     CHAIRPERSON’s Report


8.     GENERAL


All are welcome and refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the meeting.

Our Guest Speaker:


Dr Eleanor Yeld Hutchings is currently Manager: People and the Coast, WWF-SA.  She is also the specialist marine biologist presenter for the award-winning SABC television documentary series “Shoreline”, which explores the coast of South Africa and has just completed its second successful season.


Dr Yeld Hutchings received her PhD at the Marine Biology Research Centre,UniversityofCape Town.  She holds a tourist guide certificate for marine and coastal tourism and has been active in various capacities relating to marine biology and the marine environment.


Property valuations

The results of the revaluation process started in July 2012 will be available from the beginning of February. This property value will be the reference for the rates you will pay from July 2013.  You have the opportunity of going to the Fish Hoek civic centre between February and April, to look up your erf number and to see what your new valuation is. You can also look up this information online on the City of Cape Town website.


If you think the valuation is too high, it is necessary to lodge an objection and then support it with documentation substantiating your argument. A common complaint is that your house is valued far higher than your neighbours’ or the sale prices in your area. Get a list of property sales in your area for the period around Jan-July 2012 and compare sales and prices. The properties should be of similar size to yours. You may have other reasons for objecting but all objections must be supported by a letter giving valid reasons why you are objecting.


Beach matters

During December two hugely successful surf/ski events were held which helped to bring tourists to our town. Work is presently being undertaken to place the mooring buoys for the shark exclusion net. Once the net is in place, people will feel more comfortable swimming in the sea.


Exco member Lorraine Lemmon-Warde, who so tirelessly monitors beach matters, reports

…With all the good weather during the festive season the beach was on certain days overcrowded. In spite of this the cleansing departments managed most of the time to maintain the beach, Jager Walk and toilet facilities in good order. Public behavior left a lot to be desired and Law Enforcement had a busy time controlling drinking, illegal smoking and other anti-social activities. Law Enforcement also had some success in clearingDolphinParkof vagrants with their attendant litter and mess.


The kelp collected from the main swimming beach is now being used to stabilize the dunes and the erosion of the Silvermine area dunes is being monitored by environmental staff. The crumbling retaining wall in front of the playground will be investigated by a coastal engineer and proper repairs carried out early this year.


Graffiti have all been cleaned by the beach staff and the City’s efficient Graffiti Unit. For the first time in many years there are no graffiti on Jager Walk or in the subways. Metrorail will be cleaning the graffiti on their property bordering Jager Walk shortly. We are trying to find a vandal/thief-proof solution to Jager Walk lighting. Any workable ideas from our members will be welcome.



You will have noticed the widening of Ou Kaapse Weg between the Buller Louw Drive intersection and the Noordhoek turnoff. This has been done to improve traffic flow but we are all aware that the road between Kommetjie Road and this intersection is still a problem. This is a much bigger job and will have to wait for budget allocation. The City is also aware that Kommetjie Road between the traffic lights and Capri needs widening and is hoping to be able to budget for it reasonably soon.


The speed bump/traffic calming measure in 1st Avenue outside the Methodist church is on the budget – sometime in the next 6 months.



A new water pipeline is being installed on Highway to replace the old worn-out one. The Hillside Road pipeline is completed. We have had a lot of burst pipes recently which is the result of old infrastructure. The water pressure in the Sun Valleyarea is very low as a result of ongoing repairs due to be completed in about 6 weeks. We remind you that pipe bursts are unexpected and inconvenient and it is a good idea to always have at least 5 litres of water per person stored for emergencies.


There was a well published sewage leak/overflow on the beach recently. Again old infrastructure is the cause and new pumps have been ordered. Ald Purchase has advised that the system is reaching capacity and, when the pump can no longer cope, the sewage overflows into the storm water, as opposed to coming up all over town!  Not ideal but the City is working on it. Since the two serious overflows last year into the Silvermine wetlands and another at the pre-school, Exco is monitoring the situation closely to see that the various pumps are being replaced and that the “fault alarms” actually work.


Health risk reduction

The City is doing risk reduction assessments re fire, health and disaster in Masiphumele and Ocean View to minimize the unintended consequences on the rest of the valley. The living conditions of people in the wetlands in winter are bad with attendant health risks. The possible health consequences to the rest of the population could be very serious as so many people work throughout the valley.


Cape Town Zoning Scheme

The new Cape Town Zoning Scheme (CTZS), promulgated at the end of November 2012, officially comes into effect on 1 March 2013. This promulgation also repealed the various zoning schemes inherited by the Unicity in 2000. This includes the Fish Hoek Town Planning Scheme Regulations which have served as our reference in respect of building prescriptions, departures, etc.  As many of the comments made by the Far South Peninsula Community Forum (of which the FHVRRA is member) were not incorporated into the CTZS, the FSPCF is formulating a request for an overlay zone that should apply to preserve the environmental assets of theFarSouthPeninsula.


Home additions and alterations

Many more than usual home owners are choosing to do additions and alterations to their houses instead of buying a bigger house, finding it the cheaper option. The FHVRRA is asked to comment on any departures from the zoning rules. We do an inspection and assess the impact on the neighbouring houses. We look for things like extensions onto the boundary with windows over-looking the neighbour, changing the streetscape and overcrowding and aesthetics. This is an important role and the City values our input.


Sun Valley Parks

Karen Gray-Kilfoil is thinking of setting up a Friends of Sun Valley Parks group with WESSA. The main motivation is to improve the Sun Valley green areas – plant trees, make them more dog-walking and child friendly and generally nicer places. She would be most interested to hear from anyone interested in getting involved. Her phone number is 021 785 5811 and her web address is


Appeal for new Exco members

We need Exco members and we again ask for volunteers. There are various avenues of service such as environmental, architectural, roads and traffic, treasury and secretarial. Please volunteer or volunteer a friend! We need the support and we are sure that there are many people who have all sorts of qualifications that would be useful to us. This is your opportunity to give back something to your community!


DIARY NOTE: Our next Quarterly General Meeting will be on Thursday 30 May 2013.


Annual Subscriptions (R60 per householdbecame due on 1 January 2013

 Helen O’Regan has kindly volunteered to manage membership and maintain the database.  She will handle communication to members re general meetings after the AGM.  Her e-mail address is and her telephone number is 021 782 4268.

Your address label / e-mail letter indicates the current status of your subs.

We appeal to members in arrears to pay their outstanding subscriptions.

Members unable to afford the subscription fees are advised to contact the Association’s Chairperson

(Tel: 021-785-1328), in full confidence and no obligation, to discuss a reduced fee.


Details of our bank account for EFT payments (preferred) and bank deposits:  

A/C Name: FHVRRA. A/C No: 374203091. Bank: Standard – Fish Hoek.

Bank Code for EFT payments: 051001. Bank Code for deposits: 036009.

Indicate: “subs-your initials-your surname” in the payment reference.

Subs can also be posted to P.O. Box 22125 Fish Hoek 7974, or paid at the following establishments:

A.P.Jones (Bedding Dept. 1st floor), Regal Cycles and Pennylane (Valyland).

Please note: CASH ONLY at pay points. Add R15 for bank fees for cheque payments.


Subscriptions:            MembershipAllen Rose-Innes – Tel/Fax: 021 782 4279   E-mail:   

                                    Postal Address -PO Box 22125, Fish Hoek, 7974

CHAIRPERSON, FHVRRA: Janet Holwill, P.O. Box 22125 Fish Hoek 7974

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