Evan Saayman’s family owned business, False Bay Recycling, has regained the contract to separate False Bay Recycling premises in the Scenic South Peninsula and sell on the recyclables from the households in the Far (Scenic) South Peninsula.  False Bay Recycling (FBR) was the contractor for materials recovery during the Think Twice recycling pilot project for the communities of the Fish Hoek Valley, Glencairn, Simon’s Town, Scarborough, Kommetjie, Ocean View, Masi, Capri & Noordhoek which started almost five years ago.  Then in late 2011 the City awarded a new contract for domestic waste collection to WasteMart who subcontracted a recycling partner based in Kraaifontein.  The controversial appointment of the new recycling contractor resulted in False Bay Recycling having to downscale and retrench 25 staff members with significant implications for them and their dependants in Masi and Oceanview.  Local civics and individuals who had enjoyed good service from False Bay Recycling over the years challenged the appointment of the new recycling contractor.  Click here to read a copy of this challenge.  

Eventually owing to the escalating costs of operating from Kraaifontein and ongoing complaints from the public about poor service, the recycling part of the contract has been revised and as of 1 May 2012 False Bay Recycling is once again the official Materials Recovery Facility for the Far South Peninsula.  Note that WasteMart is still responsible for the collection of the recyclables which are taken to be sorted at FBR. For collection queries contact Quiyaam at WasteMart on 021 6916576

may 29 2012 Evan & Yolanda FB recycling 010“It is with a song in my heart and MUCH gratitude to ALL you good people for all your endeavors ( the fighting behind the scenes, the written objections and the support and good wishes ) that I can confirm that the domestic recycling generated in the Deep South, WILL remain amongst us, and that job opportunities for some of my previous employees have been recreated. Though very insignificant, this is our contribution to alleviating the ever increasing unemployment nightmare.

Once again, we the staff at False Bay Recycling wishes to thank ALL for making this a reality. We further pledge to serve our community with pride.  Sincerely  The False Bay Recycling Team. “

Photo above of Evan and his daughter Yolander in the recycling shed at Lekkerwater Rd in front of bags of recyclables about to be sorted.

Evan started False Bay Recycling in 1998 and initially he provided a free domestic curbside collection to sections of Simon’s Town and Glencairn and separated cans, paper, glass and plastic at his premises in Lekkerwater Road in Capri / Milkwood Park.  He has subsequently invested significantly in upgrading the premises at Lekkerwater Road as well as meeting the Dept. of Environment requirements for an official Materials Recovery Facility. recyclers at False Bay Recycling separating plastic

Too much plastic is STILL NOT Recyclable!

I went to have a look at the False Bay Recycling Team in action and was amazed by the volumes of recyclables diverted from landfill from one day of collection from just a part of the Far South Peninsula.  It translated into many 10’s of cubic meters of tin, paper, glass, tetrapak and plastic being recovered and reprocessed. 

On the down side, an unsatisfactory amount of plastic packaging is still not recyclable – in theory yes but in practice not.  This packaging has to be removed from our clear plastic bags and taken to a local landfill site.  Some of the most common forms of packaging which are not recycled include polystyrene trays, chip and biscuit packets, some yoghurt containers and bags such as dog food pellets are made of mixed plastic. Yolanda’s comment was; With plastic what you see is not what you get!”  Some plastic containers labelled No1 – typically those clear plastic veggie containers with hinged lids from Woolworths – should be recyclable but as they include Plastic that can't be recycled in the Scenic South Peninsulaother resins they can not be recycled!  How would you or I know the difference?   Plastic No5 is also supposed to be a sought after recyclable plastic except when it is labelled No 5 PLASTFORM. In this case it is not a pure No 5 and can’t be recycled either.  Click here to read about the codes for recyclable plastic and what they mean!

Polystyrene cups and trays are still not recycled in Cape Town even though the Polystyrene Packaging council pays for glossy adverts promoting it as an environmentally responsible product in magazines like Simply Green. 

The plastic packaging industry still has a long way to go toward providing a responsible and user-friendly solution to managing their packaging from production to reuse and / or recycle.  Watch this space as we attempt to bring you a clearer understanding of what is recyclable and what is not.  In the meanwhile keep putting your recyclables out for collection but take the polystyrene back to the manager’s office at the place you bought it.  PnP, Woolies, Spar, Shoprite et al have more clout to lobby the packaging industry than individuals.

While Evan and the team at False Bay Recycling pledge to serve with pride, I would like to appeal on his behalf to respect the fact that his business is a material recovery facility and not a refuse service.  Please let’s not insult his workers or worse by putting used tissues or food soiled cans and containers into our recycling bags. 

 False Bay Recycling contact details: phone 083 739 8513 or email fbayrecyclin@telkomsa.net

1 June 2012