Yesterday, Friday 23 March, while observing the Little Crake at Clovelly wetlands I had the pleasure of meeting Basie van Zyl, Fine Artist and Outdoor Photographer.

In conversation with him I discovered that he is not immune to spending two weeks or more, in patient and often solitary waiting, to capture the perfect image of a bird or wild animal. It was upon receiving his photograph this morning of the Little Crake at Clovelly that I truly appreciated his awe-inspiring talent as artist and photographer.

“Prediction and proper planning play a big part in my quest to capture special moments sometimes seldom or never to be seen again,” writes Basie on his website. The fact that the Little Crake has over the past few days been seen for the first time ever below the equator lends weight to Basie’s words!

Apart from being passionate about photographing birds, Basievan Zyl is also passionate about photographing the stars and loves spending time in the Richtersveld, Karoo and Northern Cape capturing remarkable images of the rotation of the stars forming star trails. Dip into his website for a visual experience that will inspire and enchant you!

Many thanks, Basie, for being willing to share your beautiful photograph of Little Crake on our Scenic South website.


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Little Crake at Silvermine wetlands in Clovelly. Photo by Basie van Zyl 

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