A beautiful guide to Southern African sea life with text by Sophie von der Heyden and photographs by Guido Zsilavecz is rapidly selling from the bookshelves. Although written for children it is a book that will fascinate older “children” as well!


A Guide for Young Explorers


Southern African Sea Life by Sophie von der Heyden & Guido Zsilavecz


This guide for young explorers combines scientific fact, fascinating titbits, brilliant full-colour photography and sensitive illustrations to bring a wonderful variety of ocean creatures vibrantly to life.


Children will enjoy poring over the colourful pages as they:

  • read about marine habitats like sandy beaches, rocky shores, estuaries, coral reefs and kelp forests
  • discover plant and animal groups, including molluscs, crustaceans, coastal birds, mammals and reptiles, among others
  • learn to identify important species from each group, using picture field-guides
  • study the helpful holiday guides to find out what sea life to look out for along the shore – from Walvis Bay toMozambique
  • find out why the ocean is vital to us, how it may be harmed by human activities and some of the ways in which we can help, and
  • learn about the valuable work that marine scientists do.


This introduction to the habitats, plants and creatures of the southern African shores is a celebration of ocean life that is sure to become a favourite with beachcombers of all ages.


Sophie von der Heyden has a PhD from Oxford, lectures in marine biology and genetics at Stellenbosch University and has published widely on marine biodiversity and conservation.


Guido Zsilavecz started diving in 1989. He took up underwater photography early in his diving career and has published identification guides on fishes and on seaslugs. He has also contributed to many other publications.


ISBN: 978-1-77007-893-2 | RRP: R100.00

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