Land, Sea, City & Self
Explore the connections

An Experiential Retreat

October 19th – 21st 2012

The world is poised on the edge of unprecedented change – we are experiencing it now, knowing that the people pressure on our environment will create a world quite different to anything we know today. How do we respond? Our usual tools seem wholly inadequate. We need to tap into the unused part of ourselves, creating new energy and experiences to draw on, transcending our intellect

This is an invitation to those of you, who in your professional work around sustainability have particular issues that seem difficult to resolve. This invitation is extended also to passionate individuals and organisations looking for ways of lessening the impact that we have on our earth.

This weekend offers a way of working with these difficult issues using tools that transcend our every-day, rational and intellectual reasoning. We will use these simple tools to explore solutions for complex socio-environmental problems around sustainability and change. Come and be part of a collaborative experience working with pattern and flow, and step aside from talking about the issues.



The Hearth & Soul Eco-farm, in the Overberg, amidst an expanse of fynbos, wetlands and mountains, offers a stillness and spaciousness in which to explore the connections between land, sea, city and self. With presence and awareness we will tap into the wisdom in both ourselves and in the system in which the issue is located. Together we will step into the system’s own rhythm. Together we will co-create a space for a deep intuition to emerge and for creative energy to flow, uncovering new and surprising possibilities.


About the issues– for those of you who have issues to work with, whether you feel they have clarity or not, please contact me through the website, or call me directly for a brief discussion. These issues will become the core of the work over the weekend. Out of the work that we all do, other issues will naturally arise.For those of you who may have so many issues that you do not know which to choose or feel something bubbling up but cannot quite catch it – this is exactly what you will work on over the weekend: to clarify and define what is not yet formed, through the breakaway exercises threaded through the days.

And then there will be those of you who want to be at the Retreat as interested, participatory observers – you will help hold and feed the work that is done.

Some of what you may take away with you:

  • Peace and ease and a deep stillness that you can take with you into the work week
  • Information feed-back that will feed into and inform your organisational structures and business frameworks: into an ethical structure; into policy making; into communication processes
  • Surprising information revealed about the relationships that you and your organisation have with your clients, or with the groups that you enable
  • Physical experience of a variety of different environments and issues

And a deeper experiential knowing of how we can impact on our environments in the best ways possible for us and for the environments that we inhabit, be they land, sea, city, and of course, ourselves.

Robyn Lewis
of The Inner Process has a deep personal connection to place and space. In 2000 she moved provinces to be able to live between mountain and sea, in Cape Town. “Through the years this connection [to space, place] has supported, delighted, enriched, resourced, excited and brought awe into my life”.

She founded The Inner Process in 2007 to hold and carry the constellation work in its many forms and into different settings. Robyn will facilitate the work over the weekend. She will share the tools gathered over 10 years of experiencing this work, learning and training with many of the first and second generation German facilitators and trainers.

Her wish is that a community of people working in environment come together to work on tough issues.


Robyn will be joined by several people over the 2 1/2 days:

Wendy Annecke will open a collective fireside story-telling on Friday evening beginning with her own stories, weaving through many years of working in sustainable energy and conservation in Africa.  She describes herself thus: “Woman, mother, dawdler, environmentalist, friend, dawdler, gender activist, african, shell collector, workacholic, dawdler and lover of big spaces.”

Johann Kotze
will offer morning yoga sessions before breakfast, for early risers. He has over 20 years of studying and experience teaching yoga. He stresses the simplicity of yoga, using it as a practical tool to ground the body.Ginette de Fleuriot will offer movement / dance in the evenings after supper, leading sessions of moving meditation that encourage a centring of mind and body.

Both the above are optional, but both these body-based offerings will be useful for keeping us “in our bodies” and literally grounded and calmly energised for the work that we will do.

Together, with Hearth & Soul, they will offer an inspirational and engaging journey toward new ways of experiencing the unknown – most importantly, interwoven with fun, food and movement.


Venue: Hearth & Soul (in the Overberg, between Stanford & Napier)

Date: October 19th – 21st 2012

Arrive / Depart: Friday 19th @ 15:00 – Sunday 21st @ 16:00

Total Cost of Workshop Retreat

The amounts below cover full board and lodging for 2 nights and includes the workshop fee

Single room accommodation & fee       R1 980

Shared room accommodation & fee     R1 840

Full payment for workshop retreat is due by 9th October

There is a non-refundable cancellation fee of R500

Those who may need funding please contact Robyn to discuss financial assistance.

To book a place on The Inner Process Retreat contact through the website.  For more information about the Systemic Constellations work or the facilitator contact Robyn 021 788 1101 / 083 260 5567 or visit: